Doctor Midas

    Character » Doctor Midas appears in 20 issues.

    Dr. Midas was a scientist who craved power and wanted to genetically alter his body in the same way as the Fantastic Four.

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    The man known as Doctor Midas is an enigma, and he prefers it that way. He was not born with the name Midas, but in fact changed his name by deed after five years of deliberately exposing himself to cosmic radiation which granted him the ability to turn everything he touched into gold - like the King Midas of legend. Using his powers, Doctor Midas became a highly influential multi-trillionaire, with connections to the US government, S.H.I.E.L.D., and countless other influential beings and organizations all over the world. He founded the Midas Foundation, an organization through which he secretly collected or hunted anything from throughout the universe and even other dimensions that he could use for his own gain. With his connections, he also got his hands on an old suit of Iron Man Armor, which he began wearing in order to keep his powers in check. As Midas, he would turn everything to his advantage.


    Doctor Midas was created by writer Grant Morrison and artist J.G. Jones. He first appeared in 2000's Marvel Boy #1.


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