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    Doctor Samuel James Loomis is one of the main characters of the Halloween franchise.

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    I met him, fifteen years ago.

    I was told there was nothing left.

    No reason, no conscience,

    no understanding; even the most

    rudimentary sense of life or death,

    good or evil, right or wrong.

    I met this six-year-old child, with

    this blank, pale, emotionless face

    and, the blackest eyes... the *devil's* eyes.

    I spent eight years trying to reach him,

    and then another seven trying to keep

    him locked up because I realized what

    was living behind that boy's eyes was

    purely and simply... *evil*.

    -Dr. Sam Loomis.

    Doctor Loomis in the Halloween franchise

     Dr. Loomis and Michael Myers
    Dr. Loomis and Michael Myers

    Doctor Loomis used to be the psychiatrist of Michael Myers and his biggest foe.

    He first appeared in the original Halloween as a main character played by Donald Pleasence. Pleasence played him in all the original sequel films and by Malcolm McDowell in the new films by Rob Zombie.

    Halloween (1978)

    In the original 1978 portrayal, Loomis was ignored in his request to have Michael confined to a maximum security ward directly leading to Michael's escape from Smiths Grove. Knowing the danger he posed the doctor tracked him back to Haddonfield in a failed attempt to prevent the impending blood bath he was intent in inflicting on the town.

    In Haddonfield, Loomis discovers Judith Myers' headstone is missing confirming his fear that Michael had indeed come home. Enlisting the help of Sheriff Brackett the search the old Myers' house, discovering the corpse of a stray dog. Now fully convinced of the killer's presence Loomis gives the Sheriff the infamous speech about the evil Michael poses. While searching the streets of Michael's old neighborhood, he discovers the stolen vehicle that Michael escaped the mental institution from. As Dr. Loomis wanders the streets he hears the screams of Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace fleeing into the night for help. Dr. Loomis arrives just in time to save Laurie Strode by shooting his former patient six times in the chest at close range. Michael tumbles two stories from the balcony, but disappears into the night.

    Halloween II (1981)

    Continuing the hunt for Michael Myers, Loomis believes he has located Myer's who flees into on coming traffic, getting hit by a car and burning before Loomis and the police can confirm his identity. Sherriff Brackett is then informed of the death of his daughter Annie at the hands of Myers. Sheriff Brackett blames Loomis for Michael's escape and return to Haddonfield.

    Soon after Loomis learns the identity of the masked car accident victim, Benette Tramer, leading to a renewed hunt for Michael. At the Haddonfield Elementary School he discovers the word "SAMHAIN" written on the chalkboard in blood. Loomis is ordered to leave Haddonfield by the Governor, but upon learning from Nurse Marion Whittington that Laurie is Michael's sister. Realizing that Laurie is still in danger Loomis hijacks a state police trooper and orders the trooper to return to Haddonfield and makes his way to the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital.

    Once again arriving in the nick of time, Loomis fires on Michael to little effect. Now out of ammunition he is stabbed in the stomach. Loomis collapses, but before Michael has the chance to finish his business with Laurie, the doctor uses the oxygen tanks to blow the both of them up in the operating room.

    Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)


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