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Dr. Sonja Jade was a noted biophysicist, but was working for dark causes. Helping to create the Buzz costume, it was revealed that she was working for a now older Dr. Octopus to capture the suit. While her cover was blown, Jade was able to frame the Buzz for murder and created a battle suit that could fly, increase her strength and fire energy blasts. She was defeated by the combined efforts of the Buzz and Spider-Girl, but she made an escape and went into hiding for a while.

Jade turned up in Spider-Girl #68 - The Rules working under Carolyn Trainer, the second Dr. Octopus. In the course of three issues they kidnap John Jameson and steal his wife's anti-mutagentic equipment. The two villains use the equipment to turn John Jameson into the Man-Wolf and then unleash him on Spider-Girl and The Buzz. The tide turns against the villainesses when the Black Tarantula's men free Spider-Girl and the Buzz. After a brief battle with Spider-Girl, Jade attempts to escape but is blinded by Spider-Girl and sent crashing into a chimney. She is knocked out and buried under the rubble. Carolyn does manage to escape, but not before she thanks Spider-Girl for getting rid of Jade, who she calls 'tiresome'. Jade is presumably arrested along with her henchmen shortly afterwards.

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