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Ambrose Meek was a timid shopkeeper who over the years developed a secret contempt for others - especially his clientele. Having enough of the customers he despised he decided he would seek money and power through crime. To do this he developed the masked identity of Doctor Fear. Meek's Doctor Fear mask could somehow frighten a person to the point of death. Given Ambrose Meek's seemingly weak and feeble demeanor, he thought that no one would suspect him of Doctor Fear's crimes, going so far as to return to the scene of his first victim.

As Doctor Fear's exploits grew more bold, so did the behavior of the once meek, Ambrose Meek. This roused the suspicions of criminologist Mark Todd who was working the Doctor Fear case (and was also the secret identity of Blazing Skull.) After a confrontation, Fear believed he slayed Todd, so with his obsstacles removed he decided to make ransom demands live on the radio. Unfortunately for Meek, the Blazing Skull showed up, interrupting his broadcast. The two then did battle atop the radio station ending with Meek being unmasked and surrendering.

Doctor Fear's subsequent activities remain unknown.

Powers & Abilities

Meek possessed no superpowers of his own but he did display some level of ingenuity and inventive intelligence in being able to create the Doctor Fear mask.

Weapons & Paraphernalia

As Doctor Fear, Meek wore a mask that through unspecified means had the power to induce fear to the point of death,


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