Doctor Faustus

    Character » Doctor Faustus appears in 3 issues.

    A perfectly pleasant man, who believed he had traded his soul to the devil in exchange for immortality. In return, he had to kill someone each month, or on odd occasions, two people.

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    Little has been revealed about Doctor Faustus past. At some point, he start believed, that he had traded his soul to the devil in exchange for immortality. In exchange however, he had to kill someone each month, or on odd occasions, two people. He apparently amassed a following, perhaps as a result of his charismatic personality and forming his own gang. His criminal activities was eventually stopped by Batman, who sent him to Arkham Asylum.

    After Bane destroyed asylum, Jeremiah Arkham was forced to migrate all the prisoners to Blackgate Prison, including Doctor Faustus. A instant friction between the Blackgate prisoners and the Arkham inmates quickly started, which culminated in the suicide of Arkham inmate Jim Paul Sartre. Sarter’s death sparked a riot, so Jeremiah proposed a game of softball to calm tensions. Under the guidance of Doc Faustus as team captain, Arkham inmates starts showing promise of teamwork. During the match, two troublesome Blackgate prisoners provoke Amygdala into attacking, starting a full-blown riot in which they attempt to escape via helicopter. Doc Faustus helped stop their escaping attempt, but he quickly decided to take opportunity on situation and hijack the helicopter, to fill his mission from hell. However, the pilot lost control on helicopter and crashed, apparently killing Faustus in process.


    Doctor Faustus did not demonstrate, any supernatural powers. He believed to be immortal, but he apparently didn't survive a helicopter crash. His greatest strength is his high intelligence and great leadership skills, who helped him in convincing his fellow Arkham inmates, to listen to his orders. He is also a highly skilled planner, organizer and possibly a criminal mastermind.


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