What if Doctor Fate was infected by Scarecrow's fear toxin? (Injustice 2)

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I know this seems kind of out of nowhere, but I randomly thought of this from watching stuff in regards to Injustice 2. Specifically, the latest trailer:

Around 0:28, it shows Scarecrow doing his super on Doctor Fate.

Ignoring game mechanics, what sort of effect would Scarecrow's fear toxin actually have on Fate? Would it affect Nabu or the wearer of the helmet (in this case, Kent Nelson)? Both? Neither? If it only affects the wearer, would Nabu be able to negate it? If it affects Nabu, what sort of things do you think he truly fears? What would Kent Nelson's fears be? What would the repercussions be if it affects Nabu? Would the helmet kill the wearer? Would it make the helmet useless for a time, allowing the wearer to take it off? Would the wearer be able to "go in" and help Nabu? Would Fate go out of control?

I am not all that well-versed in Fate's lore, so sorry if this kind of seems like a dumb question. I know a bit about him, but not all that much. It just genuinely got me curious.

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