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I'm assuming many of us have seen the "DC Showcase" animated shorts, which were included with various DC animated films (they featured the Spectre, Jonah Hex, Green Arrow, Captain Marvel/Shazam, and Catwoman). I thought this would've been a great way to test audiences with more lesser-known DC characters, and was disappointed that they wouldn't be making more of the shorts. But, hey, when you've got an idea brewing, you've got to let it out somehow...

In 1975's 1st Issue Special #9, Martin Pasko and Walt Simonson crafted a one-off tale starring DC's greatest super-sorcerer and JSA founder, Kent Nelson, alias Doctor Fate. The story would later be published again in the 1984 reprint mini-series "The Immortal Doctor Fate". The story sees Kent face off with Khalis, a mad ancient Egyptian priest who returns to life as a living mummy in order to use Fate's amulet to remake the world for his master, Anubis, the Egyptian god of the underworld.


My short would be based on that same story, and feature the following actors lending their voices:

-Timothy Dalton as the voice of Dr. Fate/Kent Nelson

-Stana Katic as the voice of Inza Nelson

-Brian Blessed as the voice of Nabu

-Callum Blue as the voice of Khalis

-Jimmy Smits as the voice of Anubis

What do you think?

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