whose the real life dr.doom and why

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#1 Posted by NEW VENOM (1147 posts) - - Show Bio

not me i'm nice

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#2 Posted by Xeron (323 posts) - - Show Bio

Bill Gates, (self-made)doctorate in technology and specialty is stealing glory from others
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#3 Posted by vance_astro (90029 posts) - - Show Bio

Daniel Dumile

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#4 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (83528 posts) - - Show Bio

Vladimir Putin

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#5 Posted by Eternal Chaos (23185 posts) - - Show Bio

Eternal Chaos.

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#6 Posted by Midnight Lantern (5974 posts) - - Show Bio

Midnight Lantern.

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#7 Posted by LexiCat (5233 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh now you all can't be Dr. Doom..

I am likely to go with Bill Gates, myself. All those plans that are subtlely changing the world? How Microsoft has become it's very own little empire? Oh and well... Bill Gates is just a megalomaniac the way Doom is, too.

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#8 Posted by ChrisAngel (3937 posts) - - Show Bio

George Bush.

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#9 Posted by LexiCat (5233 posts) - - Show Bio

Honey.. George Bush isn't smart enough to be Dr. Doom.

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#10 Posted by Exusiai (477 posts) - - Show Bio

Dr Doom,

Obsessed with his Mother, and Prone to Bouts of what has been defined as Megalomania

Sigmund Freud

Obsessed with his mother, and Father of the Term Oedipus Complex and Freudian Slips.

Just as a Guess

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#11 Posted by he who is not (176 posts) - - Show Bio

santa claus!!!!!!

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