Doctor Dill

    Character » Doctor Dill appears in 1 issues.

    A mad scientist foe of Namor who menaced the Atlantean monarch with a size changing formula.

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    Not much is known about the origin and history of criminal scientist Dr. Dill. In the year 1949, Dill was already well acquainted with Namor the Sub-Mariner to the point that Dill is referred to as "old enemies". In their only recorded meeting, Dill pretends to desire reconciliation in order to get close to Namor. Dill then purchases a soda for Namor but slips a special growth formula in it designed to make anyone who ingests it grow to uncontrollable heights in order to somehow fall off the Earth. Namor sees Dill slip something into his drink but lets curiosity get the better of him.

    Namor's enormous size begins to terrorize the surrounding area so he returns to the water only to create the threat of giant tsunamis. He then moves himself further out into the ocean in order to limit the potential destruction his size might cause. Meanwhile, Dr. Dill and his henchmen attempted to rob a gold shipment. Once out on the open water however, the oversized Namor catches Dill and forces him to provide an antidote for the growth formula. Namor then brings Dill into police custody.

    Dr. Dill's ultimate fate and subsequent activities remain unrecorded.

    Powers & Abilities

    Dr. Dill doesn't possess any special powers however, he has sufficient intellect to create a growth formula and antidote demonstrating advance knowledge of chemistry and biology.

    Weapons & Paraphenalia

    Dr. Dill used a specially designed growth formula that would cause anyone who ingested it to grow to uncontrollable heights. Dr. Dill also wore a garish green suit that seemingly gave him his criminal name.


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