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    Once a beautiful technological specialist and the best friend of Veronica Cale, Adrianna Anderson lost her life in a botched attempt to help restore her partner's daughter. Veronica would hard-copy her mental engrams onto an A.I. format, one that would aid the Godwatch initiative under the alias; Doctor Cyber.

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    Doctor Cylvia Cyber first came to public attention during the period when Diana Prince had sacrificed her super powered identity as Wonder Woman and was operating as an independent agent. Originally a stunningly beautiful woman who commanded a worldwide network of secret operatives, Doctor Cyber was hideously disfigured during one of her many confrontations with Diana Prince when a dying Chinese Tong gunman hurled a brazier of red hot coals into her face.

    Vowing vengeance against Diana, Doctor Cyber has returned to challenge her many times over the years, long after Diana regained her powers and resumed her career as Wonder Woman. At one point, Doctor Cyber intended to have her brilliant brain transplanted from her disfigured body into Wonder Woman's perfect form. On another occasion, Doctor Cyber disguised herself as her arch foe and framed Diana Prince as a traitor to the United States. Attempting to flee from Wonder Woman in a damaged rocket sled, Doctor Doctor Cyber crashed into a cliff side and was apparently destroyed in the resultant explosion.

    Doctor Cyber and other scientific geniuses and cybernetic beings made up Enginehead. Automan, Rosie, of the Demolition Team, Brainstorm, Ford, and Emil Hamilton made up Engine Head. They were seen with their individual personalities once Enginehead separated.

    However the truth was that the Doctor had survived and went into even more reclusive behavior, her paranoia raising to new heights. She would outsource a group of mercenaries to steal the Heartstone, a mystical artifact of power to uncover its secrets. This would bring her in direct confrontation with the heroes for hire the Power Company. She recently battled Donna Troy and Cassie Sandmark.


    Adrianna Anderson would meet her would be best friend while attending Harvard University as a college graduate.

    in later life the two would pool their minds together and come up with the sleek corporate name of Cale-Anderson Pharmaceuticals together. Some time after getting their company off the rocks, Veronica had a daughter by the name of Isadore Cale whom she would indoctrinate in private school for the higher elite.

    Sometime after Diana came to Man's World from her homeland of Themyscira.

    Cale and Anderson were in a heated debate about the Cyber Walker system that the later had been working on for years while regailing her employer and partner of Wonder Woman's exploits.

    In other media

    In JLU, a training drone takes her form and she and Zazzala are easily beaten by Supergirl. Doctor Cyber employs her trademark power suit and her power pistols. She also appears in Grodd's Secret Society and sides with Grodd during the mutiny, since she is not shown amongst those frozen by the deceitful Killer Frost, it is unknown if she survived, though unlikely due to Darkseid's blowing the base up.


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