Doctor Ashley Zolomon

    Character » Doctor Ashley Zolomon appears in 38 issues.

    Ashley Zolomon is a criminal profiler and the wife of Hunter Zolomon, the villain known as Zoom

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    Major Story Arcs

    Truth or Dare

    For more information see: The Flash #219

    When Zoom escapes from Iron Heights, Ashley believes he might have regained his speed force powers from when the Turtle escaped.

    Rouge War

    For more information see: Rogue War

    Ashley is leaving the police station when she is kidnapped by Pied Piper. He takes her to Trickster, who informs her the FBI needs her to profile, Captain Boomerang. Do this, Agent Jessie's agents use science to temporarily bring Digger back from the dead. Ashley tries to refuse, but the threat of torture forces her to obey.

    She is able to escape her captors and tries to free Digger, but he begs her to let him die and asks her to keep the secret of who Owen Mercer's real mother is. Ashley agrees, but before she can escape, Owen, Agent Jessie and Weather Wizard show up. Owen blames Ashley for what happen to his father and tries to attack her.

    That is when Zoom shows up and races Ashley away to Linda Park West's apartment. While, at the apartment Ashley figures out that Linda is married to Wally West and that Wally is the Flash. Then suddenly Linda has server pain and Ashley takes her the ER.

    Later after the Rogue War is over, Ashley is back in her office. She decides to keep the Flash's identity secret, but adds the information that Owen Mercer's mother is Meloni Thawne.


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