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Doctor Aesop was an up-and-coming boss of a criminal organization in Gotham City, with an obsession with the morality works written in Aesop's Fables, so much so that he constantly lectured his henchmen on the morals present in the fables and based his crimes on them, usually using animals mentioned in the book to carry out his deeds. He managed to gain the attention of Batman, who went undercover using his "Lefty Knox" identity in order to keep an eye on him and attempt to bring his criminal activities to an end. Having suspicions about "Lefty", who was involved in a couple of failed robbery attempts (which Batman himself foiled by setting off alarms), Aesop released a pack of wolves on him, as an homage to a tale in Aesop's Fables (The Boy who Cried Wolf). However, Batman was rescued by Catwoman, and together they tracked down Aesop to one of his hideouts and witnessed him releasing a lion on a black market trader. However, he was rescued by Batman. While attempting to escape being caught, he was seemingly killed by Hush, who wanted to provoke a response from Batman. However, he has recently reappeared on the scene, being involved in a murder and trying to frame it on the Gotham City Sirens. His crime is discovered by the Riddler, whom Aesop kidnaps and attempts to kill. The Sirens soon captured Aesop's three henchwomen and divested them of their costumes, and used them to get close enough to Aesop to defeat him and save the Riddler. Aesop and his assistants were then hauled off to prison.

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