Doctor Adam Spektor

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    The Occult Files of Dr. Spektor

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    Doctor Adam Spektor is an occult investigator who during his various inquires has found himself facing not only the occasional fake psychic but a number of real occult menaces from vampires (including Dracula), to werewolves, to mummies, swamp beasts, Frankenstein's monster, and other strange creatures. On occasion, he also got to see "how the other half lives," having his soul trapped in the body of a living mummy, having to claw his way out of a premature grave, and drinking the formula of the infamous Dr. Jekyll, temporarily transforming him into the monstrous Mr. Hyde. At one point he was even turned into a werewolf for a few months. Fortunately, however, his expertise in the occult and his supernatural connections were so good that he quickly found a cure.

    Dr. Spektor’s arduous tasks however have been made more bearable by his succession of beautiful assistants such as his Sioux secretary and lover Lakota Rainflower, his cousin Anne Sara, and his eventual new love interest Lu-Sai.

    Both Tragg and Dagar are ancestors of Dr. Spektor.

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