Character » Doc appears in 71 issues.

    A cyborg scientist and the medic of the Omega Men.

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    He hails from the planet Aello which is located in the Vega system, the same world as Harpis and Demonia. Doc was a zelous scientist who felt that his brain held more potential than his mind of flesh could contain. His solution was to to employ computer-based intelligence to amplify his own biological brain power. His colleagues warned that Doc would be sacrificing his humanity but he would not be deterred. His mind was transferred into a cybernetic head, which was then attached to his body. Doc was killed by a Durlan hiding on their ship. A second Doc joined the Omega Men on a later mission.

    New 52

    Doc dug a deep crevice into the planet Vrool and set a bomb to go off to destroy the planet and himself. The planet Vrool had stellarium, which allowed other planets not to implode like Krypton.


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