Doc Seismic

    Character » Doc Seismic appears in 47 issues.

    Doc Seismic can create powerful disruption waves that cause earth-shattering damage.

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    Character Information

    Real name: Unrevealed

    Occupation: Profesional criminal

    Identity: Secret

    Legal status: Citizen of the U.S. with a criminal record

    Former aliases: None

    Place of birth: Unrevealed

    Marital status: Unrevealed

    Known relatives: None

    Group affilations: Temporary ruler of the Magmanties

    Base of operations: Mobile

    Height: 5' 10'

    Weight: 155 lbs

    Hair: Black patches

    Eyes: Orange

    Stength level: Doc Seismic possesses the strength of a man his age, build and height who engages in little regular exercise.

    Known superpowers: None


    Doc Seismic was a mid-level villian with a lackluster career. At times his confrontations seemed heavily ego based, Seismic taking perverse pleasure in the fame and power of the heroes he fought.

    While carrying out a scheme to destroy Mount Rushmore, Seismic was challenged by Invincible. During the conflict, Doc Seismic fought hard to keep from being defeated by the still unknown hero, causing both combatants to plunge into a crevasse. Invincible attempted to grab Doc Seismic and keep him from falling to his death, but death was more favorable to him than defeat at the hands of an "unknown". In a final act of defiance, Seismic let loose with a shockwave that forced Invincible away before he could rescue the villian.

    While it was presumed that Doc Seismic was killed by the fall into the crevasse, some months later, Invincible and three other young heroes (ShadowHawk, Firereather, Zephyr) discovered him deep within the Earth while they were investigating an attack by by a group of lava monsters. These monsters were the Magmanites, who now served under the thrall of Doc Seismic. Once Seismic saw Invincible, rather than attacking him, he thanked him for allowing him to thrive in his new underground kingdom. Invincible, however, knocked Seismic out with a sucker punch and took him to prison. Seismic bid his time in jail but later escaped aided by legions of his Magmanite minions, while simultaneously releasing a large number of superpowered inmates. The Guardians of the Globe were unable to prevent his escape but he was recaptured almost immediately with the assistance of Shapesmith.


    Doc Seismic utilizes two advanced gauntlets affixed to his wrist, that when joined together create a wave of energy capable of agitating the molecular stability of inorganic material, resulting in a shearing like effect that breaks down matter causing it to break apart and fracture. When directed against large objects like buildings or upon the Earth itself, the energy disruption can produce effects similar to those of an earthquake or avalanche within limited areas. Doc Seismic dosen't need to be in direct contact with an object to affect it, he can direct the disruption wave against it from some distance away. As yet there is no limit to the amount of area upon which the Doc can use his powers at one time. However, there is no evidence that he could create a seismic like disturbance capable of destroying an entire city. The disruption wave appears to have no effect on organic matter. Whether his gauntlets are adapted tecnology based on another's design or are of his own making is as of yet unknown.


    Doc Seismic was recently (Invincible #106) taken by the female villain Volcanikka and forced into a transformation from a mortal man into a being like her, with the power to control fire and magma.

    New Powers

    The transformation seemed to not only give him a new body but new powers as well:

    • Fire Control
    • Super Endurance (as he withstood a powerful punch from Invincible)
    • Super Strength
    • Animal Control (controlling horrific beasts beneath the Earth)

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