Favorite version of Doc and co.

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With First Wave pretty much a dead duck, I'm curious what version of the comic book Doc Savage do fellow fans of him like best? I'm assuming that most fans like the original novels first and foremost, so this is between the various comic book versions. I have to admit that while I'm usually more of a Marvel fan, I have a fondness for the DC version from the late 80s, not so much the present day stuff, but when they reverted back to the 1930s. But what does everyone else think?
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Dennis O'Neill's is the best. I felt he wrote the character the best and he's just such an incredible writer. Hated the Marvel version and I have to read some more of the First Wave version to get more of an opinion on that version. Even as a big Doc Savage fan I am not very fond of Lester Dent's original Doc Savage from the novels.

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