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    Gamma-irradiated friend, rival, and psychiatrist of Bruce Banner. Once possessing the superhuman strength equivalent to a relatively calm Hulk, Leonard is now more powerful than ever as his darker alter-ego Samson. Incalculable strength, virtually limitless endurance and an extremely high degree of durability.

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    Creation and Concept

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    Artist Herb Trimpe designed Doc Sampson's costume after Captain Tootsie, an Tootsie Roll superhero mascot created by C.C. Beck, Peter Costanza and Bill Schreider who appeared in various comic book advertisements in 1943 and then fell into obscurity after the Golden Age of Comics.

    Doc Samson made his debut in The Incredible Hulk #141 - His Name Is…Samson!, created by writer Roy Thomas and artists Herb Trimpe & John Severin in 1971.



    Leonard Skiverski Jr. was the son of a famous Oklahoma Psychiatrist, nicknamed "Samson" by his admirers; Leonard looked up to his father but felt that his tawdry reputation would impair his own ambitious career and so moved to New York, changing his last name to "Samson."

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    When Betty Ross is crystalized due to a blood transfusion from the Sandman, Doctor Leonard Samson, a Psychiatrist from Tulsa, Oklahoma came on scene and approached General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross with a simple idea. An invention that could draw off the energy from one person and drive it into another, thus healing both Banner and Betty of their afflictions. With Betty's life hanging in the balance due to her crystalline transformation soon to become permanent, General Ross felt he had nowhere else to turn. Using an image projector of some kind, Leonard Samson successfully helped both General Ross and Major Glenn Talbot capture the Hulk for the procedure to save Betty's life. Leonard devised an experimental Cathexis-Ray, secretly assisted by M.O.D.O.K. to develop the machine. M.O.D.O.K. hoped to eventually develop his own Hulk through Leonard's research. The experiment was a success, simultaneously curing Banner of being the Hulk and saving Betty's life, returning her to human form. In the late hours of the night however, Leonard turned the Cathexis-Ray on himself, deciding to investigate what an exposure to a controlled Gamma-Radiation could due versus the uncontrolled Gamma explosion that spawned the Hulk. The process transformed Doctor Leonard Samson into the Gamma-powered being Doc Samson.

    Character Evolution

    In recent years, Leonard has been Banner's rival, friend, confidant, and therapist. Doc Samson is the utmost authority on Super Hero Psychiatry, treating individuals and establishments such as Banner, She-Hulk, X-Factor, X-Factor Investigations, Iron Man, Typhoid Mary, and The Initiative. When the Super Heroes engaged in a Civil War over registration, Doc Samson sided with Pro-Registration, putting him up against Captain America and his Secret Avengers. Doc Samson later developed a new, stronger, darker, and more sinister personality. Referring to himself simply as Samson, and now capable of Class-100 strength feats, Samson is more powerful than ever.

    Major Story Arcs

    His Name is… Samson!

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    When Betty Ross is crystalized due to blood transfusion from the Sandman (William Baker), Doctor Leonard Samson, a Psychiatrist from Tulsa, Oklahoma came on scene and approached General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross with a simple idea. An invention that could draw off the energy from one person and drive it into another, thus healing both Bruce and Betty of their afflictions. With Betty's life hanging in the balance due to her crystalline transformation soon to become permanent, General Ross felt he had nowhere else to turn. Using an image projector of some kind, Leonard Samson successfully helped both General Ross and Major Glenn Talbot capture the Hulk for the procedure to save Betty's life. Leonard devised an experimental Cathexis-Ray, secretly assisted by M.O.D.O.K. to develop the machine. M.O.D.O.K. hoped to eventually develop his own Hulk through Leonard's research. The experiment was a success, simultaneously curing Banner of being the Hulk and saving Betty's life, returning her to human form. In the late hours of the night however, Leonard turned the Cathexis-Ray on himself, deciding to investigate what an exposure to a controlled Gamma-Radiation could due versus the uncontrolled Gamma explosion that spawned the Hulk. The process transformed Doctor Leonard Samson into the Gamma-powered being Doc Samson, albeit with green hair rather than skin. Taking a colorful costume, Doc Samson desired to be a Super Hero.

    Doc Samson Vs. The Hulk
    Doc Samson Vs. The Hulk

    Banner however, driven by anger and jealousy towards the romantic attention he was getting from Betty, re-exposed himself to gamma-rays so he may once again become the Incredible Hulk. The two clash in a battle of fists. Doc Samson's agility and natural awareness initially giving the Good Doctor the upper hand. When the fight turns into a battle of grips, Doc Samson soon discovers however, he is not the Hulk's physical equal. For he possesses all of the power which the Hulk possessed at the instant of transferral, but the Hulk was relatively calm then, and the angrier the Hulk gets, the stronger the Hulk becomes.

    Despite undeniable endurance and refusal to give admit defeat at the hand of an enraged Hulk, Doc Samson fell. When Betty comes on scene, much to the surprise of her father General Ross, and Glenn Talbot, she calls out for Len's safety and not Banner. While Doc Samson feels he had failed as a Doctor and as Samson, Betty states it doesn't matter, not to her, and they walk away together with the Hulk watching on, feeling as though he just lost something, himself.

    Hulk Divided

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    During an intense fight in New Mexico with the Incredible Hulk, Doc Samson notices the Hulk is suddenly rampaging amongst himself. Throwing swings at enemies that simply aren't there. Leonard comes to the conclusion that it must be Banner, using the tiny conscious control he has within the Hulk's persona, using it to make the Hulk hallucinate. Using these hallucinations to his advantage, Doc Samson nearly breaks his hand, summoning all of his great strength to knockout the Hulk in a single powerful blow. Doc Samson feels that these illusions mean Bruce Banner is much more of a conscious entity within the Hulk than he has ever and that it means Banner can be saved, that Banner can be removed from his living prison forever.

    Leonard persuades the federal government to refinance Gamma Base. He creates a Nutrient Bath from which he plunges the Hulk's unconscious body in. From there they are able to successfully sift out the cells which were still uniquely Bruce Banner, physically separating Bruce from the Hulk. Leaving Bruce Banner comatose, where Leonard would arrange for him to be transferred to La Paloma Medical Center in Town where he knows a good Doctor to take good care of Banner. The Hulk however, was now a blank slate, without memory, without a personality of his own. Without any of the intellectual or emotional factors that constitute a human being. As a Psychologist, Doc Samson was very excited by this. Believing the Hulk can now be trained, developed as a child would be. In time, maybe even re-entering society as a whole, functioning human. S.H.I.E.L.D. however, had different plans, sending in Clay Quartermain to load the Hulk on a special S.H.I.E.L.D. transport and moved to a top secret location for disposal.

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    Doc Samson takes a moment to reflect on the decision to terminate the Hulk, and ultimately decides to make perhaps the hardest decision of his life at the time… to rescue the Incredible Hulk. When Quartermain checks on Doc Samson, he discovers that Leonard tunneled beneath his quarters. Quartermain tried to warn the S.H.I.E.L.D. team transporting the Hulk, but to no avail. Doc Samson successfully intercepts and breaks into the transport to see the Hulk plugged into a Neuroneutralizer designed to neutralize his brain activity. Leonard reversed the process, stimulating his mind instead of stymied. The transport questionably crashes when Leonard tries to obtain control. Unleashing upon the world a creature of undiluted rage, the Savage Hulk.

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    Feeling responsible for a Savage Hulk on the loose, Doc Samson takes it upon himself to take care of the Hulk's rampage. Facing, fighting, and dominating over the Avengers (Iron Man, Wonder Man, Hercules, Namor) to keep them off the Hulk's trail. Ultimately the conflict is talked out, and Leonard logically convinces the Avengers that he can stop the Hulk without the collateral damage caused by the Avengers trying to stop the Hulk. They agree, but only under an allotted time limit. Thus Doc Samson continues his pursuit of vindication, to pursue the Savage Hulk.

    He finds and meets up with Dianne Bellamy at a Hulk sighting in New Mexico, where the Hulk actually emerges from the ground. Doc Samson saves Dianne from flying bolder thrown by the Savage Hulk and engages the Hulk in raw hand-to-hand combat. Dianne films and records the six hour epic, neither Doc Samson nor the Savage Hulk giving an inch. When the Hulk literally flips the ground from under them and escapes, Doc Samson hesitantly decides that saving Dianne is more important than saving the potential hundreds in danger of the Savage Hulk's rampage. Realizing as long as she was capable, Dianne would never stop until she got her full story on the Hulk, he knocks of her as gently as possible and alerts her Station where to find her. He then proceeds to take her Gyro-Copter so he may more capably follow the Hulk's trail.

    Doc Samson runs into the Hulkbusters during a training session against a mechanical Hulk and they are none too happy he mistakenly destroys their machine. They engage Doc Samson with full force, using artillery and machines originally meant for the real Hulk. Unfortunately, during the skirmish, friendly fire destroys an aircraft, and despite Doc Samson's best efforts he can only save one of the two passengers. With the time limit looming ever closer, he can't afford to stay too long, so he leaves to find the Hulk. The victim of the incident happened to be a very important woman to Samuel John LaRoquette blaming Doc Samson, he plots revenge, knowing the Hulkbusters and Leonard will cross paths again. The next time they ran across the Hulk, he made short work of the Hulkbusters, and Leonard didn't fair much better.

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    Again Doc Samson finds the Hulk, this time in Jericho, New Mexico, and again they wage of a battle of fists for several hours. This time however, the Hulkbusters decide to help Leonard instead of targeting him as well. Though valiant, Leonard Samson finally begins to gradually tire under the relentless pounding of the Savage Hulk. Until he can take no more, and eventually loses consciousness. With his time limit up, the Avengers return in full force to put a stop to the emerald behemoth's rampage. They are eventually able to knockout the Hulk, but when Bruce Banner and Hulk begin to lose their molecular cohesion, Rick Jones calls in a favor from the Vision to help make the two, one again. The process wakes an angry Hulk, and the Vision becomes lost within the monsters mind as he is again on a rampage. Doc Samson tries to reason with the Jade Giant from his gurney but he knocked away, in the end, Betty Ross soothes the monster to become Bruce again. Finally ending his mindless rampage.

    Old Friends

    When a troubled Skrull took control of an orbiting satellite and threatened to unleash its hidden nukes upon the earth Nick Fury of SHIELD called upon Doc Samson to talk the alien down. As Samson was discussing the Skrulls problems he was interrupted by a hack in the system by his God Daughter Tina Punnett who also wanted the Doctor's help in searching for his old friends and her parents, Wolf and Flora Punnett. After making sure that the Skrull ends up in the custody of SHIELD operatives Samson meets with Tina to find out where they have gone missing.After learning of Tina’s parent’s connection to a long dead singer and deducting that magic might be involved Samson decided to consult with another Doctor, Steven Strange master of the mystic arts. Upon arrival to the Sanctum Sanctorum Samson and Tina are greeted by Jack Holyoak, Doctor Strange’s temporary apprentice in Wong’s absence. As Holyoak tried to wake Strange from a trance to greet his guests he inadvertently turned his master into a frog in the same manor Loki once did to Thor. After a short disturbance Strange was restored with a kiss from Tina and after having what appeared to be sharp words with Holyoak Doctor Strange offered him to accompany Samson and Tina in his place. After Samson calls in a favor and gets an airlift from a SHIELD transport ship the three arrive at the Joshua Tree National Monument and begin there investigation along with Officer Nighthorse.

    As Leonard starts to search for clues Nighthorse tells him the tale of a Shaman called Cold Winter and his rivalry with a man called Whistle Pig who both lived that very place many years ago, there final battle resulting in it’s legacy as a haunted area. Before Samson can learn anymore Holyoak manages to induce the spirit of man the Punnetts have become obsessed with, the singer Cam Larson. After learning that it was the ghost of Cam behind the Punnetts' disappearance with the aid of a friend in the form of a living Totem before Samson can act unleashes the Totem at the group resulting in Samson being injured the group being captured. After regaining consciousness Samson uses his skills as a psychotherapist to get though to Cam who’s only goal is to free himself from the bond that the Punnett’s created holding his spirit to this world and after telling the Punnetts that it is within everyone’s best interest to free Cam they agree however The Totem, which contains the spirit of Whistle Pig is terrified at loosing his only friend and attempts to stop Cam’s ascension but Leonard intervenes at the last moment. Before they depart Holyoak asks if he may stay with Samson who will return home with Whistle Pig to complete his rehabilitation to which he agrees and also offers Tina to come along to.

    The Orgone Invasion

    Sometime later while training in his gym Samson is called to deal with the Robot-X that has started to go on a rampage after Holyoak accidentally restarted it while it was undergoing de-programming by Tina. With one well placed and powerful punch Leonard is able to cripple the robot before it can do any major damage to his home. Shortly after Leonard was scheduled to talk with an old friend from Gamma Base: Sam Larouqette only to discover that he had left having found his utopia in New Oregon, sensing something is amiss Leonard and the team decide to visit New Oregon. Upon arrival Whistle Pig is uncontrollably drawn towards the main barn and only Samson can restrain him, it is here that they see Sam. As Leonard starts to question Sam’s reasons for leaving Gamma Base, Doctor Schenellagister, the leader of the settlement steps in and offers Samson and his friends to dinner later that evening.

    While at the table Schenellagister begins to explain the history of the settlement, much to the disdain of Holyoak whose comments do not go unnoticed as suddenly Samson grabs hold of his young friend and begins to choke him in mid air. As Tina try’s to stop Leonard she calls for Whistle Pig whose mere appearance is able to interfere with the mind control over Samson who had become almost zombie like due to some kind of psychic power. As Tina, Holyoak and Whistle Pig flee to form a plan, Leonard becomes part of Schenellagister’s ‘Oregon Army’ which he has assembled to take over the world. His plans are short lived however as Tina and Holyoak return and after a short battle against Schenellagister and his secret weapon everyone is freed from the Physic hold and Samson apprehend Schenellagister.

    A call from S.H.I.E.L.D.

    After the codenamed operative Scorpion goes rogue aboard a SHIELD Helicarrier agent Derek Khanara calls in Doc Samson to question her. There initial meeting goes frostily and Scorpion refuses to give little away until the name of the man she is accused of shooting comes up. As the name of Nagayoshi caused such a reaction Leonard and Khanara are convinced he is something to do with her recent attack. Setting up Scorpion to reveal her true intentions they see to it that she is set loose aboard the Helicarrier and it soon becomes clear what her intentions really were. As a fight ensues in the hanger bay one of the real culprit’s attempts to make an escape in a flying car Samson leaps after him, tearing the roof off the car and flying it back to the ship to be rounded up with the rest of the men Khanara and Scorpion round up, proving her innocence.

    The Two Samsons

    On a parallel earth another Doc Samson was performing an experiment with Bruce Banner to rid him of his Hulk persona within the ‘Collective unconscious of all Mankind’ only for the procedure to go wrong resulting in Banner becoming the Hulk and tearing his way into another mental plain, the realm of the creature known as Nightmare. Nightmare summons the creature called Energumen to take control of that Doc Samson in order to conquer the world ‘next door’. Meanwhile on Earth 616 Doc Samson, Tina, Jack Holyoak and Whistle Pig are attending the Consumer Electronics Show in . Unbeknown to the team the other Doc Samson has been awaiting them, setting traps he manages to remove Tina, Jack and Whistle Pig without the real Doc Samson realizing it. After disguising himself and getting his doppelganger alone, the other Samson manages to trick him into using the same machine as he used with Banner sending them bother into the unconscious world between worlds.

    As the two Samsons fight it out, Tina, Holyoak and Whistle Pig now free, find Leonard hooked up to the machine and surrounded by Nightmare’s creatures which have already started to bleed though into there reality. After a strange vision convinces the other Samson to fight Nightmares control giving the real Doc Samson time to knock Nightmare back into his own realm, shortly after Tina and Holyoak disconnect Leonard from the machine just as the other Samson passes away.

    World War Hulk

    While initially She-Hulk cuts her ties with Samson after learning his part in the Hulk's exile with the Illuminati, the two apparently reconcile to team with the Avengers to stop the Hulk's rampage of Earth. Doc Samson and She-Hulk are among the many heroes to fall to the Hulk during his rampage to seize New York City. After the fight between Sentry and Hulk it is revealed that Samson has been working closely with the government and able to make reports to the new President of the United States.

    Red Hulk

    The BAD Doc is in!
    The BAD Doc is in!

    It is revealed that Leonard and Gen. Ross are on the same team that led to the creation of the Red Hulk. He is set to keep his identity a secret and knocked out Rick Jones, who is now known as A-Bomb, who apparently knows Red Hulk's secret. Samson ends up betraying Red Hulk and allies himself with the new Red She-Hulk. It is revealed there was a drawback to siphoning the Hulk's psionic gamma energy all those years ago. Like the Hulk, Samson has been dealing with various personalities: Leonard the Psychiatrist, Good Samson, and Bad Samson. It doesn't help that MODOK has apparently brainwashed Samson as well. Bad Samson holds a therapy session with Leonard to show that he was apparently after Bruce's life wanting his power as the Hulk and love of Betty. There is also a repressed rage about not getting recognition like Mr. Fantastic and Tony Stark who are both world renown geniuses while Samson is still just mediocre. Bad Samson ends the session by killing Leonard with Good Samson appearing powerless to do anything about it.

    Bad Samson believed that Leonard was the reason he kept failing in all he strove to accomplished like beating the Hulk. After he learns the Intelligencia has hulked-out the heroes and made Red She-hulk fight despite his warnings, he rebels against them and attacks Leader but is knocked out by MODOK. After Betty is stabbed he saves her life by making her mad, turning her back into Red She-Hulk. When Bruce Banner's gamma machine was about to overload Samson decided to help by, along with Bruce, absorbing the deadly radiation it was emitting . This proved to much for Samson and he was burned to a crisp. Before he died, he told Bruce he was always believed in him and Betty does too.

    Chaos War

    Doc Samson re-emerging
    Doc Samson re-emerging

    During the events of the Chaos War, Rick Jones' wife Marlo was being sought out by a resurrected Abomination and the demon ZOM because of her one-time connection to the entity Death. Death had left a trace of herself in Marlo and the Abomination and ZOM were sent to collect her and use her power to claim the lives of all those who were asleep and/or dead. The Hulk family hurried her away and attempted to shelter her in a bunker powered by Skaar's Old Power. Before Marlo would enter the bunker, she tapped into the remnants of Death within her and resurrected Hiroim the Oldstrong, Glenn Talbot, Hulk's late wife, Jarella, and Doc Samson to help them with the upcoming battle. Samson was integral in keeping Abomination at bay, along with the help of the Hulks and the resurrected heroes. As Hercules eventually sacrificed his All-Father powers to heal the universe, some once-dead heroes remained alive, including members of Alpha Flight and some Avengers. The fate of Leonard Samson is unknown.

    Haunted Hulk

    In Hulk #52 - Haunted, Pt. 3: I Am Legion, the Red Hulk was haunted by a Gamma Ghost resembling Doc Samson. After the entity was destroyed by the efforts of Red Hulk's gamma absorption abilities and the Legion of Monsters ghost containment device, Doctor Strange described that it was not the real Doc Samson. That it was a shade, an echo burnt into the psychic landscape of our world by strong wills and emotions. That they can even have the same memories. Doctor Strange dubbed the spectre, Dark Samson.

    Immortal Hulk

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    Doc would mysteriously be resurrected and lay low while contemplating the meaning of his return. During that time, Civil War II would happen resulting in the death of the Hulk. When Hulk returns, Doc goes looking for him hoping he has the answers to his own resurrection.

    After his confrontation with the Hulk, Doc would fall in with Gamma Flight, a Hulk hunting branch of Alpha Flight. Doc would be killed by The Leader, who was controlling multiple gamma mutates. Doc was sent to the Below Place, the lowest level of hell and source of all gamma radiation. Here, his gamma power makes him capable of returning to the land of the living through the Green Door. However, due to Leader's meddling, Doc was not able to return in his own body and instead resurrected in the recently deceased body of Walter Langkowski.

    When Henry Gyrich is appointed to lead the Alpha Flight Space Program, Doc and the rest of Gamma Flight quit over his attempts to antagonize The Hulk. They end up fugitives when they decide to help The Hulk who was confronted by the Alpha Flight's new Hulk taskforce, the U-Foes.

    Fugitive Gamma Flight

    With the help of his experienced Gamma Flight teammates, Titania and Absorbing Man, Doc lies low as a fugitive. When a gamma mutate called Stockpile is attacked by police, Doc and his team come out of hiding to give her a hand. She turns out to be Gen. Fortean's daughter, who was experimented on by Abomination, who is now possessing Fortean. Abomination turned a Texas town into his own research facility, turning many residents into gamma mutates with supplements.

    When the team fought their way into Abomination's lab, they found a cathexis ray, which they were able to use to reverse most of the gamma zombies. Unfortunately, it exploded before they could use it on Abomintion. Doc did his best to fight Abomination, but he was no match for him. McGowan was able to use a gun from Abomination's own armory to chase him off. As a result, Doc and his team decided to stick around the town to help the townspeople deal with the after effects of gamma mutation.

    The Red Fist Saga

    Upon special request from Daredevil, Doc moved to an uninhabited volcanic island in the Pacific to work as counsel for The Fist, an ancient ninja clan prophesized to defeat The Hand and recently reformed by Daredevil and Elektra. However, when Daredevil forced Doc's patients to confront the The Hand before they were ready to choose to be soldiers, he abandoned The Fist to return to New York.

    Powers and Abilities

    Gamma Enhanced Physiology

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    Exposure to gamma radiation imbued Doc Samson with Class 75 strength, superhuman stamina, speed, agility, and durability. The gamma radiation mutated Leonard's physique by adding considerable muscle and bone mass to his body, as well as turning his initially short brown hair, long and brilliant green. Unlike the Hulk, whose strength depends on his adrenaline levels, Doc Samson's strength increases and decreases in direct proportion to the length of his hair. His Gamma mutation has since stabilized, and while no longer depending on the length of his hair, it may still be affected by it or vice versa.

    Superhuman Strength

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    Leonard's gamma-enhanced body grants him superhuman strength enabling him to lift up to 75 tons. Leonard's powerful leg muscles enable him to leap distances of 580' vertically or 910' horizontally. He can also create powerful shockwaves by clapping his hands or stomping his feet.


    The gamma ray exposure has dramatically increased the efficiency of Leonard's musculature, as a result, his body produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than a normal human. Leonard regularly engages the Hulk in combat without signs of exhaustion, in fact, in The Incredible Hulk #317 - You're Probably Wondering Why I Called You Here Today, Leonard had engaged a mindless Savage Hulk to a standstill for little over six hours without rest or signs of slowing down.

    Speed and Agility

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    Leonard often displays formidable speed and agility, consistently dodging attacks from the Hulk while simultaneously pressing his own. During Doc Samson #3, Leonard was suffering a significant decrease in his powers, as a result he was no longer bullet proof and needed to dodge a barrage of bullet fire from the Punisher. He also needed to depend on his agility to reach the top of a rooftop.


    Leonard's gamma-enhanced physiology is capable of sustaining massive amounts of damage without injury. He is physically durable enough to withstand multiple blows from the Hulk, while in an enraged emotional state, and sustain little to no injury. He has also fought and endured blows from Titania while she was in possession of the Power Gem. His bones and muscles are strong and resilient enough to be able to survive a fall at terminal velocity, reached after free-falling 4,000 feet in a feet-first altitude at 145 miles per hour against sidewalk concrete, provided he lands upright. Even if he doesn't land upright, Samson wouldn't sustain serious physical injury.


    Doc Samson is an incredibly talented (and apparently naturally gifted) unarmed combatant. Samson is said to be one of the most renowned psychiatrists on Earth. He is often called on to counsel various superhumans, such as the members of X-Factor and She-Hulk regularly. He has an M.D. and a Ph.D in psychiatry, a class-A detective mind, is a skilled theoretical technician and inventor of various medical devices. His extensive study of the mind also permits him a significant degree of resistance and defense to telepathy and telepathic attacks.

    Samson Transformation

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    During the Fall Of The Hulks story arc, Samson had emerged from Leonard's psyche. His hair grows longer, his blue eyes turn green, his muscle mass grows larger, and he wears thunderbolt scar along his chest. It is heavily implied that M.O.D.O.K. and possibly the Leader were behind this development. Samson has claimed to be stronger, faster, and smarter than Leonard ever was. He has displayed this claim through various feats, such as: taking angered Hulk level beatings that reportedly would of killed Leonard, fighting other Hulks to a standstill, overpowering She-Hulk, and killing an enraged Hulk by snapping its neck. Samson is a Class 100, capable of lifting in excess of 75-100 tons. At one point, Samson fought both Leonard and Doc Samson and dominated over both personalities, proving his superiority. However, Leonard's noble characteristics still shinned through in defense of Betty to the Intelligencia, save Betty's life and strive to help Bruce save the Hulked-Out heroes, proving that Samson may just be an extension of Leonard's psyche than a full fledged personality of his own like the Hulk.


    As a gamma mutate, Doc Samson is immortal. When he dies, he goes to the Below Place and is capable of returning through the Green Door.

    Doc Sasquatch

    When Samson was prevented from returning to his own body through the Green Door, he entered Walter Langkowski's instead. He transformed into the Sasquatch, except with his trademark green hair, and had all the powers of Langkowski's beast form.


    Healing Factor

    Unlike the Hulk, Samson does not possess a healing factor. So his body after severe damage does in fact sustain lasting injury, such as lacerations and bruises that take some time to heal.

    Variable Strength

    Unlike the Hulk, Leonard's strength does not vary by how angry he is at any given moment. In fact for some time it varied by the length of his hair. His Gamma mutation eventually stabilized and he was capable of lifting approximately 75 tons, classified as a class 75. When his darker more sinister personality emerged, Samson, his strength level increased considerably, now able to lift in excess of 75 to 100 tons, classified as a class 100 in strength.


    Doc Samson uses a varied assortment of hi-tech gadgets and weaponry. He employs a modified High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle for transportation.

    Physical Characteristics

    Height: 6'6"

    Weight: 380 lbs.

    Eyes: Blue (Leonard) Green (Samson)

    Hair: Green

    Other Versions


    Doctor Leonard Samson of Earth X received the Pulitzer peace prize for his work with the Hulk. He was killed by the Skull when they first met. The Skull made Samson pull himself inside out. Samson got about halfway before he died.

    Other Media


    Incredible Hulk

    Ty Burrell as Leonard Samson
    Ty Burrell as Leonard Samson

    Doc Samson appears in the 2008 The Incredible Hulk film, and is played by Ty Burrell. He does not have any superpowers, but he is portrayed closer to his earlier appearances before his incident. He is in a short relationship with Betty Ross. He calls the military regarding Bruce's location at Culver University, but criticized General Ross' reasons for hunting Banner/Hulk, especially after witnessing the Hulk protecting Betty from the crossfire of General Ross' attacks (he says, "I used to wonder why she never talked about you...Now I know."). A large number of his scenes, including the scene where he talks to Bruce as seen in the film's trailer, were cut from the film. In the opening credits, the name Leonard Samson appeared on the quick clip of a list of Bruce's accomplices. In deleted scenes, he is hospitable to Banner and he, Betty, and Banner have a nice time talking. In another scene he reveals to Banner that he has been jealous of him and Betty all along, then the deleted scene from the trailer occurs. In the final scene where Betty is at Liberty Island, Samson calls Betty where he seems to be depressed. He admits to really sending the armada when she asks. He wants Betty to return, but she says not yet, but she will return. When she is about to hang up, he asks her to not hang up, but she does it anyway.


    The Incredible Hulk

    Samson in the Hulk cartoon
    Samson in the Hulk cartoon

    Doc Samson appeared in The Incredible Hulk, the animated television series broadcast on UPN in 1996– 97, voiced by Shadoe Stevens. Samson was shown both fighting the Hulk and trying to find a way to cure Banner of the Hulk.

    The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

    Doc Samson as part of Code Red
    Doc Samson as part of Code Red

    Doc Samson appears in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes episode "Hulk Versus the World" voiced by Cam Clarke. He is shown visiting Bruce Banner at the Cube taking a blood sample from him. He tells Bruce that he hasn't given up on trying to find a cure for the Hulk. Doc Samson later adds the vial containing Bruce's blood with the vials of the other inmates. In "The Breakout" Pt. 1, Doc Samson becomes exposed to Gamma Radiation following a breakout at the Cube. This gave him the strength to free Bruce Banner before being knocked out by Zzzax. Hulk manages to get him out of the Cube. In "The Breakout" Pt. 2, Hulk gives the unconscious Doc Samson to a waitress at the time when Graviton was fighting Thor. In the episode "Gamma World," Samson goes with the rest of the Avengers to defeat the Leader at the Cube. By this time, he has very visibly responded to the gamma exposure.

    We next see Doc Samson in Season 2, Episode 9 "Nightmare in Red". He is seen in a meeting with Maria Hill and General Ross discussing the General's request to gain access to a sample of the Hulk's blood, which is being held by SHIELD. Ross wants to use it to make super powered gamma soldiers for the military, to which Doc Samson is vehemently opposed, claiming the accidents that caused Bruce Banner and himself to become gamma powered cannot be replicated and any experimentation would simply result in creating uncontrollable monsters.

    Video Games

    The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

    Samson appeared in the video game The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction voiced by Daniel Riordan. In the game, Samson and Banner had planned to use the Hulk as their weapon to get past Emil Blonsky's Division forces and military units under the command of General Ross, while gathering parts for a machine that Banner needed. In the fourth boss battle, Samson was forced to betray Banner as the Devil Hulk personality in Banner's subconscious began to influence his actions and endanger innocent lives. After Banner's escape from Blonsky's base, Samson makes an apology to Banner for betraying him, and they continue to build the machine for Banner to face Devil Hulk.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Doc Samson was featured in ToyBiz's action figure line for the Incredible Hulk animated series.
    • Doc Samson was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Doc Samson was featured in The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection from Eaglemoss Publications.
    • Bowen Designs produced a Doc Samson bust.
    • Doc Samson was featured in Hasbro's Super Hero Squad line.
    • Doc Samson was featured
    • Doc Samson was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line.
    • Doc Samson was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the Fin Fang Foom Build-a-Figure wave.

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