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Doc Omega was created by John Rozum and Vince Giarrano

Major Story Arc


Doc Omega led his team, the Doomslayers, in rampage across the Midwest, killing anyone they came across for the sheer sake of carnage and chaos. They eventually made their way to the town of Bloomfield, which lay just south of Metropolis, and killed its resident superhero, the Emerald Don
Superman eventually came to stop Doc Omega and his team, but ran into trouble when Doc Omega revealed that he had a piece of Kryptonite with him. Doc Omega then threatened to shoot some of his hostages with Kryptonite bullets, knowing that Superman could probably shield the hostages, but at the cost of his own life. Unfortunately for Doc Omega, the retired supervillain, Diode, ended up saving the hostages instead, and also discovered that Doc Omega's 'Kryptonite' bullets where actually just regular lead ones.  
Superman then quickly defeated Doc Omega, whose chunk of Kryptonite turned out to simply be a rock covered with phosphorescent paint - which Doc Omega himself had not realized. 

Powers and Abilities

Doc Omega had no real superhuman powers and so instead relied on various guns and other equipment that he carried with him. It's uncertain of where or how he acquired his equipment, as he did not seem to possess the intelligence to create them himself. His title of 'Doc' is therefore most likely just a name, and carries no indication of a Doctorate of any sort.  
Given that he was in charge of the Doomslayers, Doc Omega at least possessed some semblance of leadership skills.

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