Doc Fantastic and his Five for the Future

    Team » Doc Fantastic and his Five for the Future appears in 3 issues.

    An alternate reality team set in the 1930's

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    Brief History

    Set in an alternate reality in the 1930's, Doc Fantastic and his Five for the Future (also known as the FFF) are the protectors of New York City. Led by Doc Fantastic they fight the Monocle and his evil plans of world domination. 
    The alternate counterparts of the 616 reality versions do not possess any super powers, except Mister Grim who was the only one to go on Reed's space trip and be doused with cosmic rays. The team is friends with reporter Sue Storm.  All members go by the title Mister except Doc Fantastic.
    Mister Feral = Beast
    Mister 'Mist' Nelson = Foggy Nelson
    Mister Strange = Doctor Strange
    Mister Fixit = Fixer
    Mister Grim = Thing
    It is mentioned that Johnny Storm was killed by the Monocle, but never mentioned if he was a member of the team.

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