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Moomo Brothers

Dob Moomo is one of the two "Moomo brothers", a duo of mercenaries for hire. These brothers were Ithorians. At a young age the brothers were expelled from the herd for its own safety. When they left home, their mother sent Dob to watch over his brother so he won't hurt himself. He wondered why their mother would even care. The other brother is named Del. Del was younger, but more obedient and less naive. Though this pair is not known for their intelligence nor their efficiency, they make a good living. For years they have taken up this job.

Encounter With Zayne

One day they get hired to capture Zayne Carrick's father and hold him as bait to draw in Zayne. Unfortunately, Zayne's friend Gryph breaks up this deal with his clever plan. Gryph convinced Dob (who was drunk) to hand Zayne Carrick over himself, not including Del (his brother) in on the deal. Meanwhile, Zayne rescued his captive father.

Raana Tey, the Jedi who hired the Moomo brothers became furious due to their inefficiency. But since then, that has not stopped Dob and his brother from finding other mercenary jobs throughout the galaxy.

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