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    Emplate's butler and driver, D.O.A. is a creepy little gray man with a big, equally creep smile on his face. Nothing else is known about D.O.A.

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    D.O.A. also known as George Baker is a bizarre and mutated servant to sinister vampiric mutant Emplate. Acting as a valet and butler to his master, D.O.A. is a small twisted grey man with a giant toothy grin.


    D.O.A. is a Marvel comics book character created by Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo, first appearing in Generation X #1 released in 1994. D.O.A. is an acronym for dead or alive.

    Major Story Arcs

    With Emplate's Hellions

    Often aiding his master Emplate in his plans against Generation X, he was even a member of Emplate's Hellions alongside Vincente, Emplate, Bulwark, Gayle Edgerton, Murmur, Wrap, and Nocturne. D.O.A. once pulled a lepton imploder out of his jacket, much to Emplate's surprise. Where or how he got such a thing remains unknown, but it's clear that D.O.A. is a man with his ways. Recently he is stated as Emplates last servant. He was with Emplate when they captured Bling!. Emplate had needed sustenance and had headed to mutant and X-Men stronghold Utopia to feed on mutants. Quickly engaged in a battle he fought several X-Men before disappearing. Conversing with D.O.A. Emplate returns quickly to capture a distracted Bling! She is kept prisoner by Emplate and D.O.A. in Nowhere, their pocket reality and home base. Bling! attempts to escape from her prison, and in doing so she releases her diamond shards, her mutant power, with one large chunk hitting D.O.A. in the head, he survives through unknown means. The X-Man member Rogue eventually arrives to Nowhere and rescues Bling whilst fighting off D.O.A and several bizarre creatures he has summoned. Returning to Utopia only Emplate seems able to them both but he is subsequently defeated there and sent to an unknown reality where he will be trapped. D.O.A.'s whereabouts, are currently unknown.

    Powers and Abilities

    Extremely durable despite his small stature, Emplate created and conditioned D.O.A. to survive in inhospitable and harsh conditions. D.O.A. also has powers that are similar to Emplate's albeit on a much smaller and minor scale. Meaning that he can feed somewhat on energy much like a vampire.


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