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DMZ is one of the most mysterious members of the super powered gang

Blood Syndicate

. Although he isn't a bang baby, DMZ is still close to his friends in the syndicate and assists them in any situation. He spends a majority of his time twurling a lamp on top of tall buildings like the Blood Syndicate headquarters. It is unclear why DMZ does this due to the fact that he doesn't talk, but some assume that he is signaling for an alien craft to come by and pick him up.

DMZ's history is completely unknown except from what


said on his forum. Dwayne McDuffie stated on his Delphi forum that "DMZ is a human who teamed up with a member of the D'amsi police force when she chased a criminal to Earth. He was severely wounded saving her life, so she used her technology to optimize him, unlocking his full human potential. She left the Earth to chase the villain as he healed, promising to return for him... he got his name from a mis-heard 'D'amsi'".

Whether DMZ is unable to talk or he just chooses not too is also another mystery. In the worlds collide arc DMZ forms one word at one moment, but due to the non-continuity of that story it is still a mystery.


DMZ is not a bang baby like his teammates but instead got his powers from a alien that "unlocked his full potential" using alien medicine. With that he got superhuman strength, superhuman speed, invulnerability, enhanced senses, flight, and the ability to generate light (though this power has yet to be used offensively or defensively).


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