Dmitri Petrovitch

    Character » Dmitri Petrovitch appears in 9 issues.

    A former member of HYDRA, and a former lover of Silver Sable. A bitter enemy of Silver and her Wild Pack, until his death at the hands of his own traitorous allies.

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    At some point, Petrovitch was a paramour of international mercenary Silver Sable. Once she discovered his allegiance to terrorist group HYDRA, she rejected him, and the two became bitter foes.

    Petrovitch and his men would capture Silver Sable's niece Anna, and hold her hostage. Sable, along with her operative Sandman and thier ally Spider-Man made short work of him and his underlings, but Petrovitch was able to escape.

    Petrovitch would later break from HYDRA, forming the Genesis Coalition, a group of Neo-Nazi terrorists with separate agendas.

    Sable would dispatch her agent Paladin to track Petrovitch on her behalf. After learning of his affiliation with the Genesis Coalition, she and the rest of her Wild Pack tracked him to South America. Silver got the drop on him, but he distracted her with the revelation that her father was still alive. He then knocked her out, but was forced to flee by the timely arrival of her backup.

    Petrovitch would later buy a number of powerful super-soldiers called Cyberwarriors, to act as the Genesis Coalition's muscle. Unfortunately for him, Sable and the Wild Pack were already tracking them down, thanks to thier partnership with the cyborg heroes Siege and Deathlok. Petrovitch's old allies in HYDRA were also none too pleased with his recent actions, and sent the Next Wave to destroy his assets. The Wild Pack, the hero Stingray, and the Next Wave all simultaneously attacked the Genesis Coalition's undersea headquarters, forcing Petrovitch and the other top brass of the Coalition to flee, leaving thier Cyberwarriors behind.

    After this debacle, Petrovitch's fellow Coalition leader Ivan Trefkov, feeling that he had failed too often and was no longer useful, had Petrovitch imprisoned, awaiting execution.

    Petrovitch was not without his loyalists within the organization however, and they staged a daring rescue, with Petrovitch determined to wrest control of the Coalition away from Trefkov.

    Petrovitch and his men than attacked Symkaria, intending to capture Silver Sable, and use her as a bargaining chip to gain control of the Genesis Coalition. He engaged Silver in hand-to-hand combat, but lost badly. She then forced him to take her to her father, as she still believed he had intel as to his whereabouts. He led Silver to the Coalition headquarters, hoping that she would kill Trefkov, and leave him as undisputed leader of the coalition. Once they arrived, however, he was quickly knocked unconscious by the man he was passing off as Ernst, Fritz Sablinova, the Wild Pack's mole within the Coalition. Petrovitch once again fled, but Fritz quickly caught him and executed him on the spot.

    Powers & Abilities

    Dmitri was a trained military operative, but wasn't much more skilled at hand-to-hand or armed combat than your average agent of HYDRA. He was also noticeably lacking in tactical skills for a HYDRA officer.

    Where Dmitri did shine was in business, black market acquisitions, fostering relationships, and inspiring an impressive amount of loyalty in his troops.


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