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Publication History

Dmitri Mishkin only appeared in the I... Vampire series for House of Mystery, written by J.M. DeMatteis.


Born in a small Russian village around the late 1890's to Ivan Pavlovitch Mishkin and his younger wife Dunya, Dmitri loved his mother but hated his drunk of a father. One night when he was still a child, a strange woman ran to their door being chased by wolves. This woman was the vampire Mary Seward. She told the story of how she was on her way to Petersburg when the wolves attacked and killed her driver. She asked to stay the night and her request was granted. Later that night Mary rose from bed to be met by Ivan. As he tried to force himself on Mary she raised him up and slamed him to the floor on his head killing him and awaking Dmitri. She then made her way to Dunya's bed were she seduced and fed apon her as Dmitri watched. She then left promising to return. Dmitri watched as she disappered into the night with the very wolves who and been chasing her.

For the next three nights the young boy prayed over his mother's violated form, never leaving her side, until Mary returned. Mary called to Dunya who rose from her bed, changed into a bat with Mary and flew off into the night. As he watched them fly away Dmitri swore to find his mother and free her soul. Andrew Bennett then appered in the doorway and asked Dmitri if he was willing to risk his own soul in order to free his mother's. The young boy answered yes, and from that night he was trained by Benett and rarely left his side for the rest of his long life.

Major Story Arcs

It was not until the early 1980's that Dmitri found his mother, now a top lieutenant of The Blood Red Moon. After a fight with The Moon, Dmitri was lured away by his mother, entranced and turned into a vampire. As Bennett and Deborah Dancer followed their trail to Russia, Dmritri was allowed to rejoin them in order to lure them into a trap. The Blood Red Moon chased them through a small village trapping them in a small cabin, which Dmitri recogniged as the cabin in which he was raised. The next night Dunya called to Dmitri, drawing him to open the door. The Moon attacked and were defeated, Dunya then appeared and fired on Bennett with a sun rifle. As Deborah fired on Dunya with her own sun gun, Dmitri jumped in the way to protect his mother. As he lay dying, he reached out for his mother asking if she now loved him. She cruely cast him aside and then turned to finish Bennett. Dmitri ran a stake through his mother from behind saving Bennett. His dying words were to claim "This... creature...was mother". He then died in Bennett's arms from his wounds.

Dmitri died before the event known as The Crisis of Infinite Earths. It is unknown what, if any, of his history was changed.

As the event known as Flashpoint has once again chaged history, Andrew Bennett's personal history has been altered greatly. It is unkown how this has changed Dmitri's own personal history.

Powers & Abilities

When human, Dmitri was a master in hand to hand combat and stayed in near perfect physical health even for a man his age. In his later years, often defeating vampire opponents many times stronger than himself. As a vampire he had the ability to change into a bat, mist, or a wolf. He could influence humans through the power of hypnoses, and was many times stronger than any non powered human. He was immortal, but could be destroyed by a stake through the heart, decapitation, or sunlight.


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