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Major Story Arcs


For More Information see: Damnation

Since Mephisto has taken over Las Vegas, D'Kay had made an offer to Orson Randall, win 24 fights in 24 hours and he would be aloud to leave Hell. D'Kay, even promoted the event which caught the attention of Iron Fist and Fat Cobra who were in Las Vegas at the time. D'Kay even offered Iron Fist a deal as well but Iron Fist said no and forced D'Kay to cheat.

D'Kay went farther into Hell and offered a deal to Miranda Rand-K'ai defeat Orson and she could leave Hell. D'Kay also found Fat Cobra's mother soul just to prove to Fat Cobra he had her. Upon seeing his mentor fighting his sister caused Iron Fist to rethink D'Kay's deal.

Iron Fist, Orson, Miranda and Fat Cobra made a new deal the 4 would fight the remaining 12 demons that Orson had to fight. If they won they would be aloud to go free, if they failed they were all damned to Hell. D'Kay assumed he would win and even bragged to Mephisto, but when the heroes won, D'Kay was sent to a worse layer of Hell to think about how he had failed.


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