D'Kay D'Razz

    Character » D'Kay D'Razz appears in 16 issues.

    D'Kay D'Razz is an insane Green Martian who was pulled to Earth by Dr. Erdel. Years later she came out of hiding to plague J'onn J'onzz. She was obsessed with starting a new Martian race with him, but was ultimately rebuked.

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    D'kay was physically and telepathically imprisoned by her fellow Green Martians after she conducted experiments on members of her kind whose minds were not open to the communal Martian telepathic mind. After the death of the Green Martians in H'ronmeer's Curse, she no longer even had the company of those who imprisoned her. She went insane over the long years of complete isolation until she was beamed to Earth by Dr. Erdel.

    D'kay's true self emerging
    D'kay's true self emerging

    Once on Earth, the bombardment of thoughts thrusts her into further depths of insanity. In desperation, she stole the identity of a human and completely erased all memory of her previous identity as a Martian. J'onn J'onzz's psychic message at the time of his death by Libra's hand put cracks in these telepathic memory blocks, but she did not regain her memories and original personality until J'onn returned to life.

    Reverting to her Martian form, she became obsessed with recreating the Martian race with J'onn. Seeing Miss Martian as a threat to her claim to J'onn, she attacks her and leaves her for dead.

    When J'onn fails to dissuade her psychopathic tendencies after D'Razz's failing to make him hers, he ends up killing her by flying them both into the sun.

    Powers & Abilities

    Martian Vision
    Martian Vision

    D'kay has a variety of powers characteristic of the Martian Species. She seems especially adept at shape-shifting and telepathy, both of which she uses extensively in combat. Her appearance is distorted and includes an extra mouth at her torso which manifests from her broken mind, and her limbs shift wildly into all manner of tentacles and spikes.

    Her telepathy was powerful enough to trap Martian Manhunter in a constructed reality that she controlled for a significant amount of time. He was convinced that he has restored life to Mars and had lived there for many decades, including becoming a Green Lantern.

    Her physical strength and energy manipulation seemed to rival J'onn's own, although she was eventually defeated.

    • Super Strength - All Martians have strength levels comparable to Kryptonians and Daxamites that are under the effects of yellow sun radiation.
    • Invulnerability - D'kay has Martian Invulnerability.
    • Flight - Like all the Martians, she is capable of self-propelled flight.
    • Super Speed - Martians have speed similar to Kryptonians. This speed applies to running, flying, processing thoughts, and reacting.
    • Telepathy - All Martians are skilled telepaths, capable of mind reading, illusion casting, limited mind control, and other mental manipulations. D'kay has the ability to manipulate her own mind and seems to have even fooled J'onn.
    • Shape-shifting - Martians have a high level of shapeshifting ability that stems from complete control over their molecular structure. They can alter their shape, appearance, size, density (to the point where they can move through objects), and even their chemical make-up.
    • Regeneration - Martians have rapid powerful regenerative abilities, though D'kay retains her self-inflicted scars. This may be through choice, or because of the method used.
    • Invisibility - Martian can render themselves invisible.
    • Martian Vision - Martians projects heat vision-like blasts from their eyes capable of harming Superman.
    • X-Ray Vision - J'onn J'onzz described this ability colloquially as ionized particulate matter mapped to a variable density wavepacket. It allows them to see through objects.

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