Dizzy Cordova

    Character » Dizzy Cordova appears in 77 issues.

    Since accepting the attache from Agent Graves her life was changed forever. Trained to be a Minuteman, she will be a key player. However as a pawn of Graves her true purpose still remains a mystery.

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    Dizzy Cordova's life changed on one fateful day when she was released from prison.

    A Free Pass, 100 Bullets and a fistful of problems

    She always had trouble with the law, when she was eleven years old she was arrested for stealing. her second arrest was seven hours later for trying to burn down the place she stole from. For those next four-years, she became linked to Gang-Rings as well as other street crimes. At fifteen, she had a child and found her way off the streets.

    Much later, one night in July, she was simply hanging out with her "home girls" when a shoot-out occurred, four died, two ran away and she was left with the rap as the criminals got away.

    Two men killed her family, it was a drive by and she didn't know any of who did it (although she felt it was the same gang that had the shoot-out) or why until she was visited by Agent Graves, a man who helps people with problems, by making them virtually invisible to the US Government, and giving them a gun with 100 rounds in it.

    She receives her suit case and go's home with it considering what Graves has explained to her before she heads to off a car shop where a few of her friends are. A conversation about her deceased husband and son ensues before she leaves and heads home. She's stopped by two cops who think she's up to no good, but when they see her "pass" given to her by Agent Graves...they let her go. What Graves had said was correct and now it was time for Dizzy to decide whether she wanted to go down this path or not.


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