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    Dixie survived an attack on her family by vampires, and she joined Vampirella in a good fight

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    Dixie was the daughter of former crime boss, Don Fattoni. Her twin sister, Pixie always made it known that she was loved among the two, which in turn made Dixie a little jealous of her father's affection towards Pixie. 
    Don Fattoni loved both of his daughters that he never intended to bring any harm towards them with his line of work. However, that all changed when his gang were involved in a territorial war with vampires. Von Kreist and his vampire minions were sent by Monsignor Pesaro to kill Don Fattoni as an example to other crime families who opposed them. 
    Vampirella came to the Don’s mansion to warn him of the imminent threat, but The Don had his men ambush Vampirella thinking she was an assassin send by his enemy. While the Don’s men were interrogating Vampirella in the cellar, Von Kreist and his vampire minions stormed the mansion killing everyone and destroying everything in their wake.  

    Von Kreist decided to have some fun with Fattoni and his daughters by having Fattoni choose which of his daughter would live and which one would die a.l.a. Sophie's choice. Fattoni reluctantly chose for Pixie to live, but Von Kreist intentionally shot Pixie so that the Don could watch his "favorite" daughter die while Dixie will forever know that Pixie is more precious to her father than she ever will. 
    With Pixie dying, Von Kreist urged Fattoni that he could save Pixie by having his minions “resurrect” her back to life. All Von Kreist needed was the Don’s consent to do so. The Don begged Von Kreist to save Pixie’s life, which he did. While Vampirella was battling hundreds of vampires in the basement below, Von Kreist decided to end the night by having Dixie kill Fatonni. Just to be certain that Dixie would carry out the execution, he cocked his gun to her head, threatening to pull the trigger if she didn’t do the deed. Stricken with fear, Dixie ends up pulling the trigger, which was enough to satisfy Von Kreist's sick ambition that in the end he spared Dixie's life and abducted Pixie for his own purposes. 

    Vampirella managed to fight her way towards the penthouse where the Don and his daughters were, but it was too late. Dixie was already covered in blood as she wept bitterly near her father’s dead body. Vampirella would then take Dixie under her wings, and train her to fight the good fight. In one month’s time, Dixie becomes an excellent fighter and proves to be a natural with weapons.


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