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    While all but forgotten today the character of Dixie Dugan had a long and varied carrier.

    First appearing in a pair of mildly naughty novels by J. P. McEvoy and J.H. Streibel in 1928 and 1929, the character was soon given a newspaper comics strip (1929 – 1966), three movies, and a featured run in Big Shot Comics, and two of her own comics, one from Columbia in the 1940’s and another from Prize in the 1950's.

    At first a Broadway chorus girl and then a Hollywood starlet based on actress Louise Brooks, during the war Dixie became more of an everyday workaday girl with more mundane jobs and stayed that way until the end.

    Most of her adventures were either Hollywood glamour girl humor, domestic humor with an occasional mystery tossed in.

    She is featured in many of the covers of Big Shot Comics, sometimes doing things such as going on dates with characters like the horrific Face or palling around with the Surreal Slap Happy.


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