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    Avengelyne's little sister

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    Divinity is an angel known as a Herald, or messenger of God. The Heralds compromise a large group of angels known as the Wordhost. 
    Divinity is the sister of Avengelyne and was created from the same light, although she was second. This has often been a point of contention between the sisters since she is always referred to as the 'little' sister.  
    Divinity was once granted a 'vacation' on Earth to visit her sister. Although she retained her angelic powers she was still made mortal, given the ability to have human senses and emotions. A troublemaker at heart, she tied up her sister in order to go on a date with Avengelyne's friend Father Peter Clifton. She used a miracle to make her appear to be Avengelyne to anyone looking. 
    Although Peter was looking, so was the demons of Lord Hark who had her captured, believing her to be her Warhost sister. Once they realized their error, they used her as bait. Lord Hark was able to capture Avengelyne and Peter. Divinity was assisted by a then unknown friend and released. Divinity used her powers to attack the dark lord and enable them all to escape.  
    It was claimed after Armageddon that Divinity was killed by the demon Pride


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