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Aamshed is a Sumerian sorceress, and has been around since at least 2000 BC. The vampire lord


forced Aamshed to create the Ritual Of Ascendace, which would boost a vampire's powers greatly. Aamshed added a few limitations to the ritual. It could only be performed on the vampire's native soil, and had to be performed every 2000 years. The ritual also weakened the vampire for 3 days before they ascended. Plus she added that the ascension could be stopped by "the smallest parts of the greatest fire." Since Varnae was from Atlantis, and it sank, he could not perform the ritual. Knowing that someday a new vampire lord would rise and take Varnae's place, she created a weapon. She created a type of magnet that would attract the soul of a vampires victim ("the smallest parts of the greatest fire"). Aamshed eventually took the name Divinity Drake, pretending to be a descendant of


. Divinity joined

Noah Van Helsing

on a mission to destroy Dracula before he could perform the ritual.

Major Story Arcs

Meeting Blade

Divinity later gained


's attention at a vampire bar. Blade believed her to be a vampire, but was distracted by Hector, another vampire. While Blade was fighting Hector, Divinity was attacked by another vampire. She managed to escape and went back to her apartment. After destroying Hector, Blade tracked Divinity to her apartment, curious why she smelled like a vampire. Divinity and Blade had a short fight and she told Blade that she was a halfbreed. Blade and Divinity the joined up with Noah Van Helsing and his band of hunters.

Divinity and Blade had a slight altercation during a training exercise. Later, on the way to the airport, the group was attacked by vampires working for Dracula. They were saved by the Mortuus Invitus. Soon after takeoff they were then chased by Charniputra vampires.

The hunters made it to Romania safely, despite their plane crashing. Divinity encouraged Noah not to loose faith, and Blade led the group through the Carpathian Mountains to

Castle Dracula

. After reaching a small town, Divinity attacked Blade, baring her fangs, but the fight was quickly stopped by Noah. The group was then attacked by a group of Yiki Onna Vampires. During the fight


was killed, and the vampires escaped, abducting Noah.

The rest of the group was then attacked by Andze vampires. This time resulting in the deaths of Lucas and Enzo. Divinity left the fight to go to Castle Dracula herself. The Mortuus Invitus arived and helped Blade finish off the Andze. Blade then arrived at the castle. Dracula then transformed into a giant vampire performing the ritual. Divinity then revealed herself to be Aamshed and said that her magnet had 6000 souls in it. She unleashed the souls, and they immediately attacked Dracula. While Dracula was distracted, Blade staked him, causing Dracula to explode. The souls then killed every vampire in the area, including the Mortuus Invitus.


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