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Everything is back to normal, or at least for what passes for normal in Max's life. The Hollow Realm has been destroyed and the Creation Equation is back to the rightful hands. Everything seems perfect--maybe, in fact, too perfect.

Max and Susanna enjoy their time together on their beach site property.

Meanwhile, Devan has a meeting with Jules Newberry at the Halo Building . He sells them a new internet browser and gets a ton of money for it. He shares the good news with Jenny .

Void and Providence observe these events and Void is convinced something is still not right. Providence tells her that everything is fine since Max "burnt-out" his reality-altering powers in his confrontation with Cardinal Lazarus ( Divine Right #9 ). Providence breaks their temporary truce and leaves.

Void heads to The Hollow Realm and sees The Fallen are busy rebuilding it while also taking time to enjoy the peace.

Christie Blaze is in Paris, France working for I.O. once again. She helps stop the assassination of a visiting foreign president. Afterward, she is confronted by Dominique Faust .

Back at Max's place, Dev and Jenny show up to share the good news with Max. Not only did Dev sell the browser to Halo, but they also made Jenny head of security. Then Dev announces that he and Jenny are getting married. Max shares in celebrating but realizes something is bothering Susanna.

Void monitors the meeting between Faust and Blaze. Faust shows Blaze that someone is systematically shutting-down I.O. bases across the globe and eventually, I.O. will be no more. She leads Blaze to believe that Max Faraday is behind this.

Dev once again thanks Max for everything that he's done. Everything seems to be going well for them. Max checks on Susanna to see if she feels better and even though she says yes, her troubled face says otherwise. Even as they sleep, Susanna wonders if Max really made it back from The Hollow Realm at all.

Out in space, the real Max Faraday sits watching the earth in a god-like state.

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