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    Diver is a Maximal from the Beast Wars II era of the Generation 1 continuity

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    Every moment is precious to Diver. He gets the most out of everything in life, whether it is defeating a Predacon warrior in battle or sampling a new alien food. Occasionally, he becomes so enraptured with some new experience he forgets he's in the middle of a war. But Diver is no coward. The truth is, deep down inside, Diver realises the grim nature of the war in which he is a part. He knows that every battle could be his last, and he wants to be sure he enjoyed life to the fullest until that inevitable moment arrives.

    Weapons and Abilities

    When stationed at his Niagara Base outpost, DIver has an arsenal of weaponry at his disposal including middle launchers and laser blasters. In beast mode he can jump over a hundred feet in the air with his powerful hind legs. He is extremely fast and often jumps around the battlefield at rapid speed to confuse his enemies. In robot mode his fingers each emit an acidic gas that eats through enemy armor. He can extend his neck and utilize special sensory equipment built into his head module to create a 3D map of the battlefield. 


    Diver's sometimes careless nature leaves him open to surprise attacks.

    Beast Mode

    Diver turns into a frog...
    Transformers: Diver (beast mode)
    Transformers: Diver (beast mode)

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