Character » Divebomb appears in 63 issues.

    An independent minded Predacon, Divebomb dislikes his teammates and would rather not join with them to form Predaking.

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    Divebomb is a largely a minor character in the Transformers franchise, usually only operating as part of his unit, the Predacons, and thus having little time to be developed personally. His largest personal storyline occurred in the Generation 1 British Transformers comic, where he maintained a rivalry with the Dinobot Swoop.

    The name "Divebomb" had originally belonged to Swoop when he lived on Cybertron, millennia ago. However, a Decepticon(the present Divebomb) defeated him and claimed the name for himself to add insult to injury. Furious, Swoop sought out his usurper to take his name back by force, but was defeated again and saved by Optimus Prime, a superior of his that he loathed. Deeply humiliated, Swoop lied about the events of the encounter, and claimed to his friends that he had won.

    When Divebomb arrived on Earth, Swoop challenged him again but found himself at a disadvantage once more. When their teammates joined the fray, Swoop tried to manipulate his leader, Grimlock, into killing Divebomb by making it look as though Divebomb had attacked him. Realizing that the only way he could move on was to resolve his problems himself, Swoop asked Grimlock to spare the Predacons, then revealed the truth of what had happened on Cybertron.

    Divebomb was shown to bear no genuine ill-will to Swoop, seeing him as a rival rather than an adversary.

    The Predacons, including Divebomb, were later rendered inoperable when Starscream aquired the power of the Underbase and used it against Autobot and Decepticon alike.


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