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    A flying mutant that was turned into a Brood by Harry Palmer, a human turned Brood, and would come into conflict with the X-Men.

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     Dive-Bomber swoops down on Storm.
    Dive-Bomber swoops down on Storm.

    Dive-Bomber was a mutant that was infected by the Brood when they attempted to invade Earth. A paramedic named Harry Palmer was implanted with a Queen egg and started infecting mutants to create a Brood force with abilities to rival the X-Men. Numerous mutants were infected including Dive-Bomber, Brickbat, Tension, Temptress, Blindside, Lockup, Spitball and Whiphand.

    Dive-Bomber sprouted wings during the battle between the Brood and X-Men, and fought Storm in aerial combat. Dive-Bomber rips out an engine from a passenger plane during their fight causing it to fall out of control. Storm saves the passengers by creating a powerful updraft to counter the fall and safely return it to the ground. Storm is thereby caught off guard and knocked out by Dive-Bomber. Dive-Bomber brings Storm to Harry Palmer so she can be infected but is killed when Havok fires a plasma blast through his chest.

    The rest of his infected teammates were slain by the X-Men after they resolved that the Brood's human hosts were beyond saving.


    Dive-Bomber was created by Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri in 1988 and first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #232.

    Powers & Abilities

    Dive-Bomber is a mutant that can fly and has immunity to lightning attacks. Having been infected by the Brood, Dive-Bomber was granted claws, fangs, and a degree of superhuman strength and durability.


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