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    Disney's infamous inky bad guy was the first Mouseverse villain to get his own comic book; by popular demand, the whole Silver Age series is collected in one volume!

    The Phantom Blot - a power-crazed supervillain in a ghostly black cloak - is on the loose, and Mickey, Donald, and Uncle Scrooge must assemble to stop him! From terrifying time travel to usurping "The Crown of Tasbah," the Blot will stop at nothing to turn the world upside down! Classic Disney artist Paul Murry teamed with writers Del Connell and Bob Ogle to create seven comic book issues starring The Blot. In the process, they introduced Goofy's new secret identity: Super Goof! Will the Blot move too fast for all our heroes? With allies like Mad Madam Mim, the Beagle Boys, and "The Mysterious Mr. X?" He just might!


    • The Phantom Blot Meets The Mysterious Mr. X
    • The Phantom Blot Meets Super Goof
    • Oh, What a Tangled Rope We Wield!
    • Cover to The Phantom Blot #3
    • Culprits, Inc
    • Safe Surprise
    • Cover to The Phantom Blot #4
    • The Phantom Blot Meets Mad Madam Mim
    • Me and My Shadow-Boxing
    • Hi-Yo, Beagle! Away!
    • The Crown of Tasbah
    • Tough Old Bird
    • Dogged Pursuit
    • Secret Sea Raider
    • Blotless Blot
    • Blotsa Laughs
    • The Case of the Disappearing Diamonds
    • By a Waterfall
    • Stairway to Seeing-Stars
    • Paul Murray
    • Covers to The Phantom Blot #1, 2, 5 and 6 . . . 238, 240, 242, 244
    • What The Blot Wrought
    • Cover to The Phantom Blot #7

    Note: The digital edition (2/9/2021) for this volume was released before the print edition.



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