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    A flat, disc shaped planet carried through space on the back of a gigantic turtle.

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    Great A'tuin the Giant Sea Turtle

    The Discworld is carried through space on the back of four elephants (Berilia, Tubul, Great T'Phon, and Jerakeen) who in turn are carried on the back off Great A'Tuin the Giant Sea Turtle. The planet generally conforms to it's own laws of physics. For example, light travels much slower due to the heavy magical field it must travel through. Also, A'tuin doing flips and twists to dodge/catch asteroids has little affect on it's population, other than to induce severe sea sickness on any late night star gazers.

    The Disc

    The Disc it's self is roughly two-fifths of Earth's diameter, at 10,000 miles wide. Geometrical Directions are not given as North, South, West and East but as Rimward (towards the edge), Hubward (towards the center), Turnwise (with the Disc's spin) and Widdershins (against the Disc's spin). In the center of the Discworld is a 10 mile high spire of rock known as the Cori Celesti. It is surrounded by the 'Hub', the area surrounding and including the Cori Celesti. The warmer areas of the Disc are those nearest the Rim, seeing as the sun passes closer to there. At the edge of the Rim, a giant waterfall surrounds the Disc constantly. The main city on the Disc is Ankh-Morpork, which is visited at least once in each comic. In a parody of our Christmas day, once a year Hogswatch Night is celebrated.

    Many different species are included, most of the non-human once being portrayed as ethnic minorities. These include:








    And on a lesser scale:





    The agricultural year of 400 days (the official Disc year lasts 800) contains 13 months, which are:

    -Ick (16 days) (the "Dead Month")

    -Offle (32 days)

    -February (32 days)

    -March (32 days)

    -April (32 days)

    -May (32 days)

    -June (32 days)

    -Grune (32 days)

    -August (32 days)

    -Spune (32 days)

    -Sektober (32 days)

    -Ember (32 days)

    -December (32 days)

    Each week has 8 days:










    • Due to the fact that Great A'tuin is constantly moving, astrologers have to constantly renew and update their constellations.

    • The nature of the sun's orbit around the Disc should mean that the Rim areas would be a scorched desert. It has been claimed that this does not happen due to the magical field surrounding the planet, and thus the slowed light.

    • Many things on the Discworld revolve around the number 8, There are 8 colours in a rainbow (the eighth being Octarine, which is The Colour of Magic and the basis of many books and story arcs)


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