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    Discus is a mercenary for hire who normally works with his brother Stiletto and they have come into conflict with numerous heroes including Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Spider Man.

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    Discus and Stiletto confront Cage.
    Discus and Stiletto confront Cage.

    Tim Stuart would first appear disguised as the mercenary known as Discus alongside his brother Stiletto and the two of them would come into conflict with Luke Cage. Tim was bigger, stronger and more athletic between the two siblings and agreed to help his brother. Discus came to help his brother take Cage down and bring him back to Seagate prison. They attacked Cage at his apartment home in New York and took the fight to the streets. Cage defeated both brothers despite a valiant effort when he was suddenly confronted by their father Tyler Stuart. He threatened to shoot Cage unless he released his two sons. Tyler told Cage that he could not explain why his sons became mercenaries and where they got their fantastic devices. He asked Cage to understand that his sons were too young for prison and he didn't want them to go through that kind of hell. Cage realized that Tyler Stuart was the only warden that gave him a fair shake and was the reason he was fired from Seagate. Cage let the Stuart brothers go and told Tyler that his sons are not kids anymore but killers.


    Discus was created by Tony Isabella and Ron Wilson in 1974 and first appeared in Power Man # 22.

    Story Arcs

    Stiletto and Discus would be employed as one of Justin Hammer's reserve operatives on his floating compound. Tony Stark was held captive on Hammer's houseboat but managed to escape and disarm Hammer's armor-control computer. Hammer called out all his super powered villains to take down Iron Man but were unsuccessful. Stiletto was unable to get any of his blades through Iron Man's armor or through the plexi-glass shields lowered over his mouth and eye slits. Iron Man then activated a reversed magnetism field around his armor to deflect Discus's flying discs and repelled them back to the Stuart brothers. The Stuart brothers and the rest of Hammer's operatives were defeated and apprehended by the authorities.

    The Stuart brothers claimed to have found religion after they were released from prison and tried to put their past as Stiletto and Discus behind them. Their parole officer gave them the address of a Miss Tilda Johnson who would be able to find jobs for them. They were greeted at the door by Man-Mountain Marko and Edward Lavell also known as the Eel. The Stuart brothers told Tilda Johnson that they have gone straight and did not want to get involved in any illegal or dishonest activities. Tilda Johnson told the brothers that she wanted to hire them as bodyguards and escort her to the Manhattan Society's Debutante Cotillion. Tilda managed to persuade the brothers to agree and take the job. Tilda was actually the criminal known as Deadly Nightshade and planned to use the brothers for this caper. The Stuart brothers were back in their old costumes when Nightshade used some special mesmer dust to take control of their minds. The cotillion had some special guest that included Luke Cage and Iron Fist. The two heroes come into conflict with Nightshade and her criminal cohorts as they crash the ball and try to steal the money and jewelry from the people inside. Nightshade orders the Stuart brothers to use their weapons on Iron Fist. Iron Fist diverted Discus's weapon to strike Man-Mountain Marko which allowed Cage to take the upper hand. Nightshade was knocked out by a punch thrown by the debutant and the Stuart brothers were able to regain their senses. Stiletto decided to help Iron Fist and used his cryogenic dagger to cause the Eel's suit to overload.

    Hero Killers

    Discus and several super-powered cronies like like the Beetle, Constrictor, Rhino, Blacklash, Bombshell, Speed Demon, Boomerang, Stiletto and Hydro-Man would work as one of Justin Hammer's operatives where they come into conflict with Spider-Man and the New Warriors when Speedball is kidnapped. The Sphinx worked with Justin Hammer where his operatives kidnapped various heroes including Auric and Silver. They were held captive at the Target Technologies complex in New Jersey where they analyzed the heroes' abilities for their own ends. Discus and the rest of Hammer's operatives would lure Spider-Man and the rest of the Warriors into a prearranged location where they are trapped by a special bubble shield. Discus appears to have eluded capture when the New Warriors break free and defeat the Sphinx.

    Brand New Day

    Discus is hanging out at the Bar With No Name with other villains when a low-life baddie named the Basher calls out Spider-Man on a website. A man called the Bookie begins to take bets on the fight and a number of shady patrons become angry when they realize the Spider-Man that fights the Basher is an imposter. However, the real Spider-Man shows up and discovers that the imposter is the woman known as Screwball. She tells Spider-Man that the Bookie could be found at the villain bar hangout. Spider-Man shows up and a brief scuffle occurs. The bartender stops the fight and Spider-Man leaves when he gets the information he needs on the Bookie.

    Gadgets & Abilities

    Discus wields a number of discus as his primary weapons. Some of these discs are razor sharp and Discus can throw them with great velocity and accuracy. He even has a special boomerang toss where he throws the discus pass his enemy and it will come back to strike his target from behind.


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