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Dirtbag was created by Humans to become a new factionless generation of Transformers. Unfortunately Dirtbag joined the Decepticons instead.


Dirtbag was created by Hasbro for their 1995 Generation 2 Toyline. He was first seen in the 2010 Fun Publications' Transformers Timelines #5 by writer Greg Sepelak. IDW has recently added him to the Generation 1 Continuity in Regeneration One by writer Simon Furman.

Major Story Arcs

Generation 1 Continuity

IDW Publishing

Dirtbag bumps into Hot Rod in Iacon. He later contacted Soundwave and told him that Optimus Prime and a large number of Autobots had left Cybertron leaving Iacon under-protected. They used this as a perfect opportunity for Bludgeon's forces to recover the remains of Thunderwing.

Powers & Weaknesses

Dirtbag is used to transport munitions to the Decepticons. In robot-mode he carries a twin missile launchers. He is composed of a titanium/steel composite armor that protects him, but also hinders him in battle.


  • Allegiance: Decepticon
  • Sub Group: Constructicon
  • Function: Munitions Transport
  • Alt-Modes: Earth Mover, Mining Dumper, Hauler Truck
  • Color Schemes: Green/Purple (G2, IDW)

Alternate Versions

Fun Publications

Timelines: Generation 2 Redux

Dirtbag was designed by human scientists to be a new, factionless generation of Transformers. Unfortunately for the humans Dirtbag and his compatriots took up the old banners, and united with Clench as the Decepticon Syndicate. During a raid on the Large Hadron Collider facility in Switzerland, Dirtbag helped Staxx and Breakdown disarm and secure the captured Autobots leader, Pyro.


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