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When Isaac Sumdac and Bulkhead were using a forklift in their space bridge project, Bulkhead accidentally sent the forklift, a recently recaptured Headmaster unit, and three Allspark fragments plummeting several floors. The fallen objects fused together to form Dirt Boss. After his creation he took over leadership of the other Constructicons.


Dirt Boss was created by Cartoon Network for the Transformers Animated (20007) Cartoon. He has only been seen in print once in his character biography for the Transformers Animated: The Allspark Almanac #2. He was later used by IDW for the Revenge of the Fallen Sequel comic Nefarious.

Major Story Arcs

IDW Publishing

Transformers Animated

After the Autobots captured the Decepticons and returned to Cybertron, it was revealed that the two Constructicons, Mix and Scrapper had also survived. Dirt Boss put his two subordinates to work on his newest construction project: Devastator.

Powers & Weaknesses

Dirt Boss is a little bot but has a big brain. He creates the blueprints and plans for the other Contructicons. Despite his small size his fellow Contructicons follow him. He is capable of getting the muscle he needs from a small remote control device he fires from his forehead. It's drill-tip allows it to bore into other machines, including Transformers, giving Dirt Boss direct control of their motor functions. Dirt Boss is trained in combat and is capable of delivering a brutal roundhouse. His nasty attitude can act as a hindrance when trying to get others to follow him.


  • Allegiance: Decepticon
  • Sub Group: Constructicon
  • Function: Leader/Engineer
  • Alt-Modes: Forklift
  • Color Schemes: Green/Purple (Animated), Green/Gray (Film)

Alternate Versions

IDW Publishing

Transformers: Nefarious

RotF Dirboss
RotF Dirboss

As part of Strike Team Ursa, Dirt Boss along with Brakedown and Reverb were dispatched by Soundwave to investigate the mysterious organization that had resurrected Ravage. When they discovered a hidden base beneath a garbage dump they accidentally activated its self-destruct mechanism. While fleeing, they were intercepted by the Autobots Ironhide and Sideswipe, who promptly destroyed both of Dirt Boss' teammates. Dirt Boss pretended to surrender, until Soundwave and Ravage swooped in and attacked the Autobots. Although Soundwave was captured, Dirt Boss was able to get away.

He later joined Rumble, Ratbat, Buzzsaw, and Beastbox in attempting to rescue the captured Soundwave from an Autobot convoy. Dirt Boss battled Dune Runner until Bumblebee saw they were overwhelmed and fled. This allowed the Decepticons to recover Soundwave. After Soundwave tracked Ravage to the Initiative base, Dirt Boss along with others was sent to retrieve him and charged straight in. Unfortunately this proved futile as he was killed by the base's outer perimeter defenses.

Other Media


Transformers Animated (2007)

Animated Dirt Boss
Animated Dirt Boss

Episode Appearances

  • Three's a Crowd
  • Human Error, part II

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