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    The leader of the covert criminal organization The 1000. His plans to takeover all main political branches of the U.S. government were always thwarted by Booster Gold.

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    There was an earlier version who called himself the Director. He used trick cameras to commit crimes and faced Green Arrow early in his career.

    Henry Ballard had his sights set firmly on becoming the President of the United matter what the cost. He took control of the 100 and expanded their number into the 1000, with the ultimate plan of assassinating President Ronald Reagan.

    Reagan and VP George Bush, replacing Reagan with the shape change named Chiller. Chiller would then appoint Ballard as VP and shortly afterwards would retire through "ill health" allowing Ballard to take over and put members of the 1000 into places of authority all over the US.

    This scheme was foiled by Booster Gold, who, along with Legionaires: Brainiac 5, Chameleon Boy and Ultra Boy prevented Chiller's assassination attempts.

    Ballard, his involvement with the plan not yet known, swore to destroy Booster and he used all the facilities of the 1000 to infiltrate every area of Booster Gold's life. However, Ballard was subsequently killed in a fight with Booster, Thorn and Blackguard, that resulted in the destruction of the 1000's headquarters.


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