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    Black Magic using offshoot of the Skrull race and nemesis of the Spaceknights!

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    How the Wraiths came to be
    How the Wraiths came to be

    The Dire Wraiths are a genetic offshoot equivalent to the Deviants of Earth of the Skrull race with a similar Celestial origin. The Wraiths specialty is the blackest and foulest of magic, and their cruelty is spectacular even by the standards of comic book villainy, with forced mating, torture and appallingly savage murderesses their standard operating procedure.

    The paradise world of Galador explored the Dark Nebula over two centuries ago, only to have its fleet annihilated by the Dire Wraiths. The Galadorians created a squadron of star travelling cyborgs called the Spaceknights to defend Galador, a job they did extremely well ever since.

    A final climactic battle freed Galador, at terrible cost.

    After the battle, Rom pursued the Dire Wraiths back to the Dark Nebula, driving them from their ghastly planet Wraithworld and scattering them throughout the universe.

    Rom and the other Spaceknights swore a mighty blood oath to hunt down the Wraiths and exterminate them wherever they might be found.

    Character Creation

    The Dire Wraiths made their fist appearance in Rom #1, 1979. They were created by Bill Mantlo and Al Milgrom.

    Character Evolution

    The preferred method for the benevolent Galadorian Spaceknights to use was Neutralization, a process where the Dire Wraiths lost their physical host body and were cast into Limbo. The Wraiths preferred death to banishment because in Limbo they could still view the universe, but could not affect it.

    When Rom, their greatest nemesis, arrived on Earth, it was to discover that the males and females of the Wraith species were in a civil war and the native-born Earthling Wraiths and their parents from Wraithworld were also at loggerheads. Female Wraiths use sorcery, males traditionally use science, although there are exceptions such as Doctor Dredd.

    In sorcery they used Deathwings and Hellhounds.

    In addition to their science vs. sorcery preferences, the males prefer their transitory form (resembling a cloudy humanoid) while the females prefer their true form. In their true forms, Dire Wraiths can use their barbed tongue to drill into the skull of another being and steal its memories while duplicating its physical form.

    Whether they use this memory-stealing ability or not, all Wraiths can duplicate the form of virtually any living creature. Dire Wraiths are a deeply xenophobic, totally murderous evil race that is paranoid, secretive and manipulative.

    Major Story Arcs

    Wraith world being sucked into Limbo
    Wraith world being sucked into Limbo

    The Wraith Home-world was sucked into Limbo by Rom's quick thinking. The Dire Wraiths tried to merge both the earth and their world together. This action from Rom with the combine forces of earths heroes is what brought their down fall

    It been recently revealed that exist another diverged Dire Wraiths, this belonging to the Inhuman side as they were created through experimentation by the Kree in regular Dire Wraiths, its unknown as what powers do they posses but they been shown to live together and without the spine for conquering as their cousin race.

    The Dire Wraiths who were banished to Limbo were later encountered by the Captain America, the Mar-Vell Child and Ka-Zar of Earth-9997. With the aid of ROM and, oddly enough, Mephisto they managed to temporarily halt their rampage.

    Sometime after the denizens of Earth-9997 decided Limbo would become the new Hell, the new Belasco (Kurt Wagner) delivered the soul of Klaw to an army of hungry Wraiths.


    Male- They were shape shifters that relied on science and technology. There were a few males that were considered Warlocks that used sorcery such as Doctor Dredd.

    Females- They used there sharp like tongues to drill a hole into a victims head and retained their memory and were able to take the form of the victim. They wielded sorcery instead of science.

    Both - DIre Wraiths can possessively infect people with their own malignant DNA, effectively killing the victim while converting them into one of their spawn. They can use this as a means of overshadowing unwilling hosts to pass off as a specific species, or physically emulate their genetic material to better aid their metamorphosis.


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