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    Dionysus resides in Olympus, home of the gods in Greek mythology. He was the god of wine. In ancient Greece, he was honored with springtime festivals and centered in theaters.

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    He fell down from Olympus, soon hitting the earth. He was kidnapped by AIM agents and used as the basis for their ray of inebriation. With this ray, every Hero in the Marvel Universe became in a drunken state. As it turns out, every Hero had to be individually programmed into the machine. Consequently, AIM forgot about the members of the Great Lakes Initiative, Wisconsin's official team. Deadpool was not affected by the ray because of his healing factor, which constantly regenerated his brain. Together, they defeated AIM and freed Dionysus.

    Fear Itself

    When Mephisto goes to The Infinite Embassy looking for information about The Serpent he can't get into the Council of Godheads so he gets his information about the Greek Gods and where they stand from Dionysus's wine soaked lips. Dionysus explains to Mephisto that the Greek Gods have now made their home on Earth, and if Odin razes it, like he plans, that would be bad for Dionysus and his fellow gods.


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