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    Dinu is one of the Inhumans, disfigured during his transformation so that he has to wear a mask that covers his face.

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    Dinu is a younger member of the Inhumans, and was a member of the same group of Inhuman children studying with Nahrees, Neifi, Woz, Tonaja, Kalikya, and Telv (although Telv would be held back leaving only the six to graduate that year). Together they would learn about Inhuman history and culture before the sacred ritual of Terrigenesis--a rite of passage for young Inhumans that will unlock his true genetic potential. Dinu was paired up with Nahrees during their studies. Despite Dinu being a particularly attractive child, Nahrees ignored his interests making Tonaja jealous of the pairing. The night before Terrignesis while Woz, Tonaja, and Kalikya spied on the cell of Maximus the mad, Black Bolt's insane brother Nahrees, Neifi, and Dinu would play a trick on Lockjaw, jumping on him while he is sleeping and flicking his antenna to make him teleport them away. Dinu is part of the Royal Guard.

    When Dinu was exposed to the Terrigen Mists he is transformed into a being of great power. He has to be covered up immediately, as the Terrigenesis transformed his boyish good looks, disfiguring his face so much that simply looking upon his face could cause injury or even immediate death. He is given a leather mask with holes for the eyes and a hole at the mouth that is sealed by a zipper.

    Later, during a human attack on Attilan masterminded by Maximus, Dinu along with Tonaja and Nahrees would become members of the Inhuman royal guard, and would fight the human invaders on the front lines of battle. During this battle Dinu leaves the safety of the Inhuman telekinetic shields to fight along side his comrades and receives a lethal injury. Tonaja flies in to rescue her friend, and carries him back to safety where Kalikya uses her power to heal him. After the call to retreat from battle is issued, Dinu is taken back into the city by his classmates where he can continue to recuperate.

    Dinu is presumably still in Attilan.


    The exact nature and extent of Dinu's powers is unknown. It has been rumored that the ritual of Terrigenesis has disfigured Dinu so much that simply looking upon his face can cause death. Because of this Dinu must keep himself covered fully, even covering his face with a leather mask. The only visible holes in the mask are around the eyes, and a zippered hole at the mouth.

    He has enhanched strenght, speed and stamina as all Inhumans.


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