Dino Battaglia

    Person » Dino Battaglia is credited in 25 issues.

    Italian artist, friend of Hugo Pratt.

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    Born in Venice in 1923, Battaglia entered into his comic career in 1946, co-founding and producing work for the Italian magazine, Asso di Picche. Here, he worked with other notable figures in European comics, among them Hugo Pratt, creator of Corto Maltese. In the 1960s, Battaglia illustrated a series of adaptations of fairy tales and classic stories and novels for Corriere dei Piccoli and Corriere dei Ragazzi, both publications of which also employed other legends such as Sergio Toppi, Ferdinando Tacconi, and Attilio Micheluzzi, among others.

    Battaglia is noted for his distinctive and expressive, yet very classically influenced style. Like Sergio Toppi and many other Italians, he really pushed for experimental and striking page layout and panel design, and is among Italy's most retroactively celebrated and respected comic masters. Battaglia passed away unexpectedly in 1983.


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