Dimension X

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    Galaxy from the TMNT universe. The Utroms, Triceraton, Wingnut, Screwloose, Bellybomb, Slash, The Rock Men, Stump, Sling, Cudley the Cowlick, Sarnath, Trap, Cryin Houn, Ace Duck, Bloodbath, Cherubim, Krang, and many others in the TMNT universe call Dimension X home.

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    Dimansion X is a place of total war, a parallel dimension.

    IDW comics.

    It's a Alternative Dimension in the TMNT comics, and the place where are the planets Go'mo, Neutrino, Stump Asteroid, Totus, and Utrominion amond others. This place also is the home of several teams like the Utroms, the Rock Soldiers, the Neutrinos and the Triceratons. The Technodrome and the Starcruiser are originals from this place. This place was in war over the years, because the imperialism of the Utroms Leaders like Krang and Ch'rell. Also it's the original place of Mutagem, and several species become mutated for this.


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