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Dilustel is an exotic metallic element which belonged to the multidimensional entity known as the Silver Shield. Said alloy extracted for the Atom Project was but a small piece of it's own body which enabled those bonded to the alien's skin direct access, through it, to the omni-physical energy matrix known as the Quantum Field. Due to Silver Shield's all but indestructible dermal layer to all conventional and unconventional methods of abrasion or damage.

This made the process of extracting the material from the project subject all but impossible, until the program's head researcher; Dr. Heinrich Megala, came up with the most ingenious means of procuring the foreign alloy. A specialized excision refining apparatus he would call the X-Ionizer. A device that could hone the molecular to electron latices of any known object to mono-filament razor point.

Effectively making any kind of cutting utensil sharp enough to pierce and incise the all but impenetrable surface of the mysterious effigy. Those slated to be equipped with the Dilustel must undergo a prolonged process of adaptation and adjustment, specifically; surviving nuclear bombardment just as the smelted ingot is layered over their hapless bodies and then jettisoned into the future caused by the detonation. The metal has a limitless capacity to absorb and redistribute energy on an infinite scale.

It is through this and the multitudinous process in which the Project's test subjects gain they're quantum based powers. After the user has acclimated to the metal. The DIlistel Steel makes them all but invincible, capable of surviving any form of blunt trauma. Ranging from heavy ordinance, high temp. extremes, concussive energy, etc.

Only a few things are known to be capable of rupturing an Atom Project participants augmented protective sheath.

Namely and largely X-Ionized weaponry; stemming to swords, ammo, bludgeons and the like. Individuals of extreme levels of physical ability such as Kryptonians, Martians, Almeracians, Tamaraneans, Kherubim High Lords or Shapers; whom can sharpen their liquid metal extremities to and beyond monomolecular point.

Other armaments able to break the unbreakable also extend to Katana's Soultaker, the colts of the Crimson Avenger and a Kusar Blade.

The metals natural quantum based affinity gives it and those empowered by it certain magic negation qualities. Detective Chimp once likening the two as an acute form of Anti-Magic which cancels out the randomized super science of mysticism.


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