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    Giant mining robots that work for the Life Foundation.

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    Diggers are giant, robotic suits created by an individual named Roland Treece who is the founder of Treece International and member of the Life Foundation. Treece sends his Diggers to an underground tunnel system to drive out a group of homeless people who have been using that area as a sanctuary.


    The Diggers were created by David Michelinie and Mark Bagley and first appeared in Venom: Lethal Protector issue1 (1993).

    Major Story Arcs

    Versus Venom

    Several members of the homeless group befriend Eddie Brock and take him to their underground lair where they are confronted by several Diggers or "Treece Machines." Brock changes into Venom and engages the Diggers where they discover a city underneath the tunnels during the fight. Venom dismantles the Diggers after one kills a resident that was trying to protect his city. Several Diggers confront Venom and Spider-Man when they infiltrate a construction site where Treece has some of his men plant explosives directed into the earth to destroy the underground city. Spider-Man holds off the Diggers while Venom stops Roland Treece from setting off the explosives.

    Powers & Abilities

    Diggers are giant, robotic suits that provide the user with enhanced strength, durability and resistance to injury. Diggers are equipped with various weaponry including a diamond drill, laser cutters, and a sound shovel that emits sonic beams - a weapon particularly effective against creatures like Venom.


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