Dieter Lehmann

    Character » Dieter Lehmann appears in 5 issues.

    A childhood friend to Johann Schmidt (the Red Skull).

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    Brief History

    Dieter was a young boy whom lived in the same orphanage as Johann Schmidt, the person who would later become the Red Skull. Dieter was first seen protecting a young puppy from a dog catcher. Not soon after, Johann left the orphanage. Dieter would not follow much later, as he left one year after Johann and became a fighter for the Communist cause. Whether he was really pro-communist or just joined them so that he could fight Nazi's wasn't made clear. A few years later, fate brought Dieter and Johann back together again. Together they saw the Dutch Marinus van der Lubbe protesting against the Nazi's. Dieter was eventually given the choice by Johann to kill a prominent crime-boss, but he refused to murder someone. Johann saw this as a weakness and hit him in face. As they where fighting, there eyes where caught by a big fire. The German Parlement known as the Reichstag had been set on fire by, most likely, Marinus van der Lubbe. In the months that follow, thousands of Communists where taken captive. Dieter and Johann tried to flee, but when Dieter fell down and wanted to fight his Nazi pursuers, he was hit to the ground once more, and Johann left him there. Dieter got beat up and was later taken into custody and send to a camp.
    A few months later Dieter, with many other 'political' prisoners, was released from the camp. He returned home, hoping to resume his fight against the Nazis. He was shocked when he suddenly saw Johann burst into the door, wearing a Nazi uniform. Dieter first was hostile towards Johann for betraying him and all he stood for. But then Johann told Dieter was his plan was, he wanted to kill Hitler, and Dieter was part of his plan.
    Eventually, Dieter and Johann manage to sneak inside a hotel where Hitler is staying, but at the moment Dieter tries to shoot Hitler, Johann intervenes. He hits Dieter on the head. Dieter, astounded looks up to Johann in desperation. Johann then takes the gun and kills Dieter. It turned out Johann had a change of heart, and wanted to come close enough to Hitler for him to notice him and his potential. With killing Dieter, Johann had died with him and the Red Skull was truly born.

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