Character » Diesel appears in 10 issues.

    Wonder Girl's ex-boyfriend who's goal is to steal the silent armor from her, and destroy the world with it.

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    Diesel makes his first appearance at a museum where he has murdered the guards and is apparently tracking Wonder Girl as she uses her Silent Armor. When she finally loses control of it, he arrives and manages to take it away from her, and disappears shortly afterwards.


    While on the run from authorities in Yan'an after stealing the the Claw of the Tuobo, Cassandra Sandsmark was confronted by a guard who was knocked out by the timely intervention by Diesel. As Cassie says, it was 'lust at first sight.' Diesel followed Cassie and her mother from dig to dig, helping and encouraging Cassie's thievery, even taking her with him to New Orleans to make a deal with a fence. While on a dig in Cambodia, he went into a branch of their dig and found a secret corridor and apparently found the Silent Armor, which bonded to him as a mask. Cassie put on the war gauntlets and managed to pry it off of him, but this enraged Diesel and he demanded that she give it back as the structure collapsed around them, seemingly killing him. His hair also somehow changed from brown to black.


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